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Hey ya’ll!

My journey with The 20-Something Existential Crisis is over.

Please head over to the next leg of my journey:

Hello Dearest Hurricane

Look forward to seeing you there!



The 20-Something Existential Crisis is Over


It’s with a heavy heart I end my 20-Something Existential Crisis. I really, really enjoyed this blogging experience and loved connecting with all of you.

Today is my birthday. And I’m not a 20-something anymore.

Since starting this blog, I’ve found a new purpose and new path in life. I went from not knowing what the hell I’m doing with my life to setting goals and staring new journey.

I couldn’t have done it without your support. All of ya’ll make it so worth being here and I love writing for you (and for me too).

Which brings me to my next big thing:

Hello Dearest Hurricane

I am so very, very excited to welcome my followers to my new page and I cannot wait to show you the new and awesome things I’ve been working on.

So click it.

You know you want to.

And hit the follow button too, because this blog is over, baby.


Again, I love all of you. You have been so wonderful and kind to me. Come join my next adventure, because it’s going to be awesome.


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The End is Nigh!


Hello wonderful folks! Fine friends! Amazing people!

The end is nigh for my existential crisis. In two days, it will be over.

I wanted to wait to share this, but I’m impatient… and impulsive…

So here it is, ready for my 30’s:

Hello Dearest Hurricane

There’s nothing up there yet. I do have quite a bit of stuff scheduled. I was going to add my pictures from the Greek food festival here, but I wanted to save them as part of the 30th Birthday Extravaganza awesomeness post I have set up for next week…

But yeah, I know it’s kind of bare bones right now — I don’t have anything posted yet, mostly scheduled stuff —  but I was just too excited to not show you guys and I wanted this big unveiling…

So, I’m impatient.


I have a few series topics planned, one that I’ve been working on for a bit called “Ugly Girl’s Guide to Beauty”.

I also want to create a “Workplace Saga” where my workplace misadventures have their own home and go together as a more cohesive story.

Also, I really, really want to find time to work on some fiction. I’ve had some good ideas popping in my head and I really need to get them out.

I’m planning on graduating from a “crazy cat lady” to a “distinguished cat lady”.

I wanted to talk more about thyroid disease — I’ve had a lot of people with auto immune and thyroid disease coming to me asking about my experiences and how it’s affected my life, and I wanted to make that it’s own thing.

Also, a lot of the same zaney, sometimes angsty, humorous, not so much amazingness that I bring. Sort of.

I wanted to go with a new look, something a bit more austere, but still visually appealing.


So much love to you wonderful people. I will be pretty touch and go for the weekend, so if I don’t get a chance to respond, have a wonderful weekend!


The Urge to Quit Social Media


Ya’ll ever get the urge to just completely quit all forms of social media?

I mean, it’s nice to have. I prefer FB messenger app to regular texting because I can see when people have received my messages… but everything else it entails — all the political bullshit and people being stupid.

I can also connect with friends and family who may not have my phone number… or who I don’t want to have my phone number.

But, public personas on social media are heavily curated. People are so consumed with making their life look perfect and amazing that one blunder can cause hours of anxiety — will this change the way people see me? Will people judge me?

Yeah. And yeah.

That kind of anxiety is unnecessary.

Also, there are other types of anxiety associated with social media — last year, I had a friend decide to snub me for all her birthday festivities after I surprised her with birthday flowers on her front porch with a card and German chocolate. How I found out I got snubbed — social media.

So, I sent this friend a not so nice message about it… didn’t talk to me for 8 months after I called her out on it.

I used to get a kick out of stupid people on pages like I, Hypocrite; Age of Shit Lords; etc… but now, that causes me a different type of anxiety — the “how can people be that deluded and ignorant and how have they not won the Darwin Award?” These types of pages, reposting the idiotic things people say, kind of makes me hate complete strangers.

But everyone has their weird beliefs and opinions. They aren’t hurting anyone (unless they actually are, which is a different topic altogether). And all this internet back and forth does is create more animosity and hatred. For instance, one of my weird political beliefs is that I just really don’t care about climate change — this isn’t saying I don’t care about the environment. I recycle, don’t litter, garden… But I think we’re all fucked regardless and mother nature’s going to shuck us off.

Is that the same as everyone else’s opinion — no. Did I probably just make someone froth at the mouth and wail and gnash their teeth by stating my completely harmless opinion online — more than likely. Do I care — no.

Also, there seems to be this cultural addiction to outrage. People want to be angry about something all the time. It’s not healthy. It’s not productive. And this isn’t saying I don’t have my moments (see the above paragraphs), but being angry and outraged all the damn time is not good for mental health — it dramatically increases anxiety, depression, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

In addition, it creates these little echo chambers of political thought and ideas. It insulates people from opinions that are different than their own.

Honestly, I feel the healthiest form of social media I partake in is WP.

I really, really want to cut the cord. Just go into my own little world. I’d get more reading done, more art, more time for personal growth. Especially with starting school on the horizon, I’d want more time to focus on my education and work.

And honestly, we need to care less about what other people think of us. I mean, folks in our immediate realm, yes. Because we interact with these people on a daily basis. But folks across the world. No. They don’t like what you think. Ok. Fine. Doesn’t matter.

So much anxiety is derived from being worried about what other people think of you. Fuck. At this point, I don’t care.

Just be a good person. Do right by you.

But still… after all this, I really, really want to quit FB. But I actively use messenger as a primary means of communication.

Hmm…. dilemma.

Those of you who have quit public social media (obviously not blogging), what was your experience? Pros, cons?


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The Keto Diaries — My Spaghetti


Not my sauce… because I never take pictures of my food. But still pretty, though. 

Good afternoon, lovelies!

I ate my weight in baklava this weekend at the Tallahassee Greek Festival, and now I need to be good.

I made spaghetti last night for Besty and myself. Her new place doesn’t have a washer/dryer so we hung out while she did laundry, drank two bottles of wine, watched Easy A, and ate spaghetti.

She had noodles.

I did not.

Plus it was nice to get rid of the noodles that had been hanging out in my “carb” basket on my pantry shelf.

My spaghetti recipe, as with all spaghetti recipes, has been tweaked and modified to perfection and one ingredient, which doesn’t scream “spaghetti” is used.

My secret ingredient: cinnamon.

What you’ll need:

  • Ground meat — I had ground turkey on hand. About a pound
  • Onion — I use green. About four.
  • Bell pepper — one, diced.
  • Mushrooms — two cups. I prefer baby bella.
  • Squash and/or eggplant — I love zucchini in spaghetti, but I had yellow on hand. I will sometimes use a cubed eggplant. For me, it really bulks up the sauce so it doesn’t feel so runny and has more of a ratatouille feel.
  • Garlic — few cloves minced
  • Spices: salt, pepper, little garlic powder, little onion powder, oregano, parsley, rosemary, pinch of cayenne, and CINNAMON… like 2 tbs.
  • Tomatoes — I like some diced romas or cherries.
  • Sauce — I wish I could make it from scratch… but who the hell has time. I usually go for one with super low sugar like Classico or Bertolli. Under 4g carbs per serving

What you’ll do:

In a large sauce pan, cook up your meat. If you are using a meat that’s fatty, remember to drain the grease. With turkey, it’s not a problem. Unless, you like the grease… whatever. Throw in your onions, bell peppers, spices. Let it go for a bit. Throw in everything else and let it all simmer together for about 15 minutes.

Optional — eat over spaghetti squash.

I am kind of meh about spaghetti squash. I do like zucchini noodles, though. But if you are already including squash and/or eggplant, it’s kind of weird to me.

But yeah, delicious and easy.

Also, parm. Lots and lots of parm. Maybe even some pepperonicini.


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The Heads Up — New Adventures!

Happy Saturday… or Caturday as the crazy cat people call it…


Black cats are the best!

This is just a heads up that in EXACTLY one week I will be starting my new blogging journey. So, when it comes out follow it, because the the 20 something existential crisis will be over.

I’m so excited about this new blog! I can’t wait to share it with ya’ll! Stay tuned!


The Work Shift and Awesome Weekend Ahead


Happy Friday, lovelies!

I am writing, while drenched in sweat, after partaking upon some manual labor.

I fully expected to spend the day doing what I normally do — fixing other people’s shit and helping babies.

But my boss’s boss is like, “hey, you do the inventory stuff for your unit, yeah?”


“Well, we need to get the store room clear and the store room we were going to move it to isn’t ready yet… so can you move stuff to this other place where it can sit for a week or two, the move it into the new store room when it’s ready?”

… it didn’t really go like that, but that’s the gist.


When the boss’s boss says jump, you don’t even ask how high… you just do it.

Five hours later, I can safely say I got my cardio in for the day. My arms, shoulders, and chest muscles are going to be so sore tomorrow.

But today, I moved approximately 30 boxes weight 20lbs plus. Reorganized three shelves and managed to not hurt myself.

I’d call that a good day.

I only required help of the male and tall persuasion for heavy stuff on the very top shelf, that some mystery person put up there because I sure as hell wouldn’t do that.

But I feel accomplished.

Now what to do with the other two and a half hours today.

The Greek Food Festival is this weekend. S.O.’s going to be in town. And their FB page has been posting videos of them making baklava, spanakopita, gyros, souvaki, grape leaves, and galaktoboureko.



I’ve been really good on my sugar intake this week. Doing an intermittent fast today and yesterday. And I’m going to just stuff my face with baklava sundae and other delicious things tomorrow. So much Greek food!

I want it all.

Also, there might be another hurricane… but it looks like it might be heading more westward. We’re out of the cone, but that doesn’t mean it’s not just going to change it’s mind, say “fuck the models” and just smack us.


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The Mental Illness Confessions


This is something I really haven’t talked a lot about with a whole lot of people — I take an SSRI, Zoloft, for an anxiety and panic disorder. When your brain is constantly against you, it makes it so difficult to get anything accomplished.  I’ve been on this SSRI for almost two years, now. And, it’s changed my life so much, for the better.

There is nothing wrong with that. Seeking help was one of the best decisions I made in my adult life. And it was hard, I was embarrassed. Mental illness is so stigmatized — you aren’t looked at as really a human being anymore… just flawed and prone to being broken and unstable, which is far from the truth. You’re just a person… trying to make things work, but your brain chemistry is actively working against you and you cannot help it. You try, and try to “be normal” but when your brain is working against you, constantly telling you that danger is near and you need to be freaked out and your fight/flight response is always high… it’s hard. It really is.

Everyone has their down times. Everyone deals with some form of depression and anxiety in their life. When it becomes consuming and interferes with daily life, you must seek help. It’s so worth it — set aside the fear, the shame. When I first said, “I need help” and went into therapy, I thought they were going to lock me up in a padded room, but counselors and therapists are so understanding and they make you realize that you aren’t the only one going through this.

When I first brought up my anxiety/panic issues to my new doctor, she prescribed me the SSRI, Zoloft, and monitored me closely for adverse effects. When I showed trepidation about taking it, she told me “half my patients are on some sort of anxiety/depression medication. You’re not the only one and it’s nothing to be ashamed over.”

And the people who judge — to hell with them. The people who love and care about you will understand, and the ones who don’t… well, that kind of negativity isn’t needed.

But this brings me back to why I started this rambling — if you feel that you are a danger to yourself or others, please, please, please seek help. There’s no shame.

My heart really hurts for the people who lost their lives in Vegas and affected families. And the talking heads can blame it on whatever they want, but the truth is, no sane person could have done that — something that completely evil.

And this isn’t disparaging people with mental illness. From experience, most people with a mental illness are more of a danger to themselves than to others. I go over conversations that happened 15 years ago with gut gnawing anxiety that I messed something up or did something wrong and it just eats at me.

The kind of sociopathy and psychopathy — indicative of the perpetrators of mass shootings — is fairly rare, according to the APA. One of the most interesting case studies is that of Charles Whitman, the University of Texas Austin tower shooter, who had a history of mental illness, but when later autopsied was found to have a tumor the size of a pecan in his brain.

In sum — we need not stigmatize mental illness. This will bring more people forward who are struggling with these issues and maybe they can get the help they need. And this isn’t saying mental illness isn’t the only cause of these types of events. There is a host of historical, sociological, and political variables to these events. But, mental illness is also a variable needing to be taken into consideration.


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The Good Friend’s Vanishing Act


Hey guys.

Please forgive me for typos; banging this out on my phone.

It’s past my bed time. My head hurts. And my heart is heavy.

I just got told I had to pick a side in the Besty/Motorhead break up debacle.

All I wanted to do was be a supportive and good friend.

I want to write about what exactly happened, but it is deeply personal to them and I don’t want to break confidence.

Suffice it to say — bombshell worthy of Maury Povitch.

I got asked by Besty to check on Motorhead tonight. So I did. I called him. He gave me a sarcastic “feeling great” and let him know that if ne needed anything that I was there.

Due to the nature of the bombshell, he told Besty he wanted nothing to do with her and to “leave him the fuck alone”

But then expressed incredulity and dismay at her being out on the town after everythong instead of comsoling him during this serious thing.

I messaged with Motorhead for a bit, trying, in vain, to console him in this life altering revelation… this bombshell.

I told besty to go and be with him without getting into detail, I can say with certainty, its the right thing to do.

But suddenly I get pegged into taking sides — make Besty feel better about shitty and careless life choices or guilt trip at Motorhead’s behest.

I turned messenger the fuck off.

Enough of that.

I feel like doing a vanishing act! Ala Chicago — razzle dazzle them!

My head still hurts and I don’t know what else to do. I’m exhausted… I want to be that good friend and do the right thing… but the only way to help Motorhead is to scold Besty and “call her on her bullshit” and the only way to help Besty is to soothe her ego and ameliorate the situation — reafrirm her techniques of neutralization and downplay how horrible everything is.

I don’t want to be that person.

I haven’t seen S.O. in three weeks — we swapped off so we could do the Greek Food Festival this weekend and stuff our faces with balaclava sundaes and all the lamb. Then the weekend after is my 30th birthday spectacular.

I don’t feel particularly spectacular. I feel lost and sad.

I don’t want to be this person. Might be time to nope on out.

Good night, lovelies.


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The Idiot Girl Bad Guy Day


Hey guys!

Still here. Still have a headache. Hasn’t gone away. Little less, but my patience for tomfoolery is low.

Yesterday, I had a scary movie nap-athon and slept through classics like The Shining, 28 Days Later, Event Horizon, Insidious, Alien….

It was great.

I probably need to see the doctor about my headaches, but she’s just going to tell me to keep taking my allergy medicine and NSAIDS.

I don’t think it’s been a migraine this whole time. I think it’s turned into a migraine, but mostly it’s been a perpetual sinus headache, that with enough stress and provocation, transforms into a full blown migraine — which so far has been like three times in the last four days.

At least I didn’t puke yesterday.

When I left work Monday, my neck and shoulders were really tense. I’d been clenching my jaw all day (yay! TMJ) and just shitty feeling. When I woke up yesterday, my head was pounding and I just had a “Nope” moment.

But I digress….

My idiocy:

So, open enrollment for insurance is right around the corner. I’ve been wanting to change my dental to a PPO, because the amazing dentist who did my mouth guard (paid for by my health insurance), doesn’t take HMO, only PPO.

I did some research into it… and I’ve had a PPO this whole time.

Face palm.

I feel like an idiot.

Now I just need to schedule an appointment ASAP. This dentist was so amazing and awesome. I need him in my life.

I’ve had this teeny cavity between my two top incisors on the right side that’s starting to get noticeable. The dentist before wanted to charge like $100 to fix it under the HMO, when the payment plan said it would only be:


Do ya’ll see $100 in there. And all anesthesia/numbing is FREE.

Then quoted me $800 for a crown when crowns are:


Also, where the hell do you see $800 on there?

Also they quoted me this random ass lab fee that wasn’t even on the sheet — different code instead of the code listed.

Also $100 for a cleaning, which is supposed to be:


I’m convinced they are scamming me.

So yeah… the tooth that needs a crown (which hasn’t been bothering me at all) is the second to last molar on my upper left side. It’s been filled three times since I was a child, last when I was 15 and the filling is crumbling.

I understand I may have to get a root canal, however that son of a bitch is in the back of my head. A metal crown would suffice.

My dad says just get it yanked… since it’s in the back of my head and no one would notice. But I don’t want to be missing a permanent tooth at 30.

So, I’m dentally homeless right now. That same practice changed dentists three times in six months. And I just kind of noped out of there.

But I really, really want to go back to the dentist who did my mouth guard. He was so up front, no shadiness, didn’t guilt trip me over my poor back molar that needs a crown. Staff was amazing, even after I accidentally bit the hygienist.

But yeah….

I really hate dealing with insurance.

So when open enrollment rolled around last year, I upped my insurance. I thought I was just at a higher tier HMO plan. But I was wrong.

I’ve had Cadillac dental insurance this whole time.




So, that makes me happy.

But this morning started out thoroughly horrible.

Vesper Cat woke me up at 5:30 am with face rubs… on my face, hand, anywhere not covered by a blanket.

I love you too, kitty, but not like this at this hour.

I made it to work at 7:15 am, to make up time and my head was just kind of twinging.

First case I touched had a typical Incompetent fuck up:

So, when dealing with medical specialists office, there’s only so much creativity with a name.

There are two specialists with obvious pseudonym “Specialist Blue” in the state. One is known as “Specialist Blue North”, the other “Specialist Blue South.”

There’s one other specialist in the west side of the state whose name is “Specialist Orange.”

Incompetent, referring to “Specialist Orange” in the case note, actually called it “Specialist Blue” in the note and left the number for “Specialist Blue”, even though it was patently obvious that she was meaning to refer to the location as “Specialist Orange.”

So, I asked another coworker who has been here since I’ve been here, who I haven’t thought of a pseudonym for… so we’re going to call her Norway Red. I asked Norway Red if I should submit this to boss lady as a QA issue. Because, honestly, if a new person had come across this it would have been all kinds of confusing.

“Oh, it just looks like a mix up. I wouldn’t worry about it,” Norway Red says.

“But, this is kind of confusing. I had to do a bit of looking around to make sure that I had the right place.”

“Eh… wouldn’t worry about it. Just an honest mistake.”

… but Incompetent’s career here had just been a series of “honest mistakes”

And, evidently I’m the bad guy for pointing all of this out — how Incompetent’s continual fuck ups are causing me to have to do more work, and eventually, when we’re not so freakishly short staffed, it’s going to cause other people who have to go behind her more work, too.

Ok. I’ll be the bad guy. Because I don’t get paid to fix her screw ups and I’mma be all kinds of uppity about it.

My head hurts.


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The Migraine Girl


As per my earlier post, I’m having a shitty, shitty day.

Yesterday, I had a nasty migraine.

Saturday, I helped Besty move into her new place. The city utility company was unable to activate her power until today, so we moved in the dark.

I was supposed to help her yesterday, but I had a migraine come on. Like bad. Like puked my brains out bad. I had to rain check on Besty. The previous tenant at her new place had a dog, and the room she wants to be her bedroom smells like dog. We were going to defunk-ify the room by using a spray mixture of white vinegar, dish soap, and water. We’re going to throw some table salt in, as well, for juju purposes. And burn some sage.

I’m a bit superstitious — I always burn sage in new places.

But damned migraine.

It came on strangely and suddenly. I was just hanging out at my place, playing Oblivion, and suddenly I started feeling really pukey.

I’d been hard core low carb for about a week and the sugar cravings got me. I went and got some Toll House dark chocolate chips and scarfed. I guess the influx of sugar hit me pretty hard.

I ended up throwing all of the chocolate up.

When I felt like I was done with the whole vomiting thing, I did my normal migraine protocol — four advil (approx 800 mg) and four benadryl (approx 800 mg) and some aspirin if I have it. The advil is a NSAID, as is the aspirin. The benadryl puts me to sleep, so I can just kind of sleep it off or go into a diminished state of consciousness.

Usually, when I get migraines, I get really bad anxiety and sometimes have a panic attack. It’s not pretty.

Then, I throw a cold pack over my face and a pillow on top of that if I’m not in a dark room already. I have to have it cool. I knocked my A/C down to 68.

And I just kind of nodded off from about 2pm to 7pm.

Which means I slept like shit the rest of the night. When I woke up I was hungry.

I’d gotten a butternut squash, thinking it was low carb, but it wasn’t.

Fuck it, I said, I want butternut squash soup.

I roasted my butternut squash in some coconut oil (was out of olive oil) with some salt and pepper. I did it on tin foil, but in the future I will use parchment paper. Oven was on 350 for an hour.

Also, this experience made me realize I need an immersion blender lol. My food processor didn’t cut it and it’s on its last leg. I’d used some of my frozen bone broth from Pho and almond milk. I do have to say, it’s one of the best damn things that’s come out of my kitchen — though not low carb.


I ate it with a dollop of sour cream and some herb goat cheese from Publix (was 2 for $5).

Today, I went and got a good, old fashioned sandwich.

I’m still feeling shitty today — like recovering, if that makes sense.

I’ve felt a little pukey, but my headache is still a thing, but not as bad. It’s only hurting really in my temples and forehead, when yesterday it wrapped around my entire head, behind my ears and into my neck.

My neck is pretty sore.

I’m not running a fever.

But just ugh.

Migraines are the worst.

Then one of my coworkers, of whom I haven’t thought up a pseudonym, said it mustn’t have been a bad migraine because it went away in a day.

Bitch, please.

The last bad one I had was a month or two ago when light physically hurt. I got it while out with Besty and Motorhead and they wouldn’t even let me drive home. The oncoming headlights would have killed me.

On a brighter, more positive note, I’ve got some new and exciting content in the works for my new blog. I can’t wait to share it with ya’ll.


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The Terrorist


Just damn.

This kind of shit makes me not want to live on this planet — what happened to being a rational, good person.


One man caused so much chaos because he was seriously mentally ill and/or filled with hatred.

And it’s just sad.

My heart hurts.

And instead of being a person who has rational reactions, we get this shit:


Spoke too soon?


Because both events weren’t horrible and tragic enough? Thanks, asshole.



Can you not be a horrible human being? Just for one second of your entire life? That’d be great. 

And I don’t think it’s guns.

I’m a responsible gun owner and I know lots of other folks who are responsible gun owners. We’ve never just had the urge to go out and shoot a bunch of people. In all seriousness, the day I have to use my gun will probably be the worst day of my life.

If someone really, really wants to kill people, they will. This is evidenced by bombs, vehicles, knives and all various sorts of weapons used in recent terrorist attacks all over the world.

Also, who could forget, airplanes.

As I said before, we need to better tend our mentally ill, and not stigmatize people so much for having a mental illness so that way people can actually get treatment. .

Rational, sane people who see a bunch of radical bullshit telling folks to kill and hate other folks online don’t decide to become terrorists.

But it’s people who are susceptible to this kind of propaganda and rhetoric who are the ones doing these horrible things.


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The Red Lipstick Days

Good afternoon, lovelies!

Today, I felt like getting gussied up.

Well, it started with a wild hair. More specifically, my wild hair. I decided to initiate the semi-annual flattening of the hair.


And when I woke up this morning with my still flat hair, I’m like, “well, hell, I need to go all out.”

Red lipstick. I usually only really like to wear red lipstick when I’m monochrome. I feel like it makes it pop better.

What’s really sad is that I own so much eye shadow, and I don’t really ever wear it.

My makeup for the sake of wearing makeup routine usually consists of these things:

And that’s me.

If I want to go all out, I’ll add the shadow and liner… but for just work… meh.

I feel like the Ulta brand is severely underrated. I don’t see any of the Youtube beauty gurus waxing poetic about it, but I love it so much. It’s affordable and very good quality.

I also colored my hair dark last week. At first I was kind of miffed about just how dark it turned out, but it’s really grown on me. I prefer to go darker than lighter. With my hair texture anything lighter than my natural color makes it turn into straw. I also feel like darker colors offset my rosacea, especially when I go for a cooler tone.

I very infrequently flat iron my hair. For starters, I live in Florida. The humidity is omnipresent here and I just cant invest the time it takes in flat ironing my hair every day and keeping it from frizzing. Already, my bangs are starting to fluff up. And, I usually only keep it like this for a day. Some folks go longer, but honestly it feels kind of gross after about 24-36 hours. I used leave in conditioner and coconut oil as a heat protector. Because coconut oil’s smoke point is 350ish, I kept my iron about 10 degrees cooler.

Also, it’s a gorgeous day. There’s a cool breeze and lovely weather. It’s a shame to have to spend it indoors working.

Hope ya’ll have a great rest of your day!


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The Plan, Man, The Plan!

Good afternoon, lovelies!

I finally got confirmation from FSU that they have received my high school transcripts.

… even though they were in the same big brown envelope that I mailed my college transcrip…


Ain’t university great?

So, I was doing some future planning.

I was checking the pre-reqs for the program I want to go into and I think I can get out of one psych and one bio class, because I’ve already taken it. But I’m going to have to take a statistics class and a physical science (chemistry).

I want to start in the spring, and do those pre-reqs, then the program proper starts in the fall. It’s 42 credit hours.

If things work in my favor, I kind of want to do like chem and a language class (I’m torn between American Sign Language (ASL) or Spanish) then stats and another language class.

Through work, I’ve got free ASL classes, but I kind of really want to learn Spanish…well, because I live in FL and it would really, really open more doors for me.

Then the program proper starts in the fall — that’s going to be seven terms, or 2.3 years, if I take summer classes. But, I’ve never not taken summer classes.

So, altogether to get a BS, it will be 3 years. That’s taking two classes a semester (which is what my job will pay for) and trucking along.

But, you can’t be licensed in the field without an MS.

Well, hell, I should probably do that too.

The next six years in school…

I wasn’t planning on doing anything else exciting — I mean, work, bills, sleep, xbox, drinking alone, being a crazy cat lady…

Also, so happy the School of Communication Disorders is NOT on the main campus and closer to home/work.

I might be putting the cart before the horse, but I don’t find out if I got in until sometime in November, but it doesn’t hurt do plan.


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The Vicarious Apartment Hunt — Part 2


And it’s a winner.

Besty and I went to see the new place yesterday and met the property owner/manager. It was pretty chill. Place has a lot of potential, but as Besty said, “you can tell it’s low income housing.”

She’s going to throw in her aesthetic touch and turn it into something magnificent.

But the rest of the time, she was sobbing.

So, still sadness.

Last night, after we got back, I threw together a dinner of chicken with peppers and onions with batsmati rice and quinoa. We packed it all up in containers and took it all over to her place for Motorhead to have dinner to.

He’s pretty torn up.

But, when we were eating, they still had a lot of intimacy and love.

Goddamn Greasy Guitar Guy and his swarthy charm.

Personally, I thought he was skeevy. Evidently Greasy Guitar Guy confessed to Besty that he was terrified Motorhead was going to break his face.

Funnily enough — Motorhead expressed the same sentiment. Not that Greasy Guitar Guy would break his face, but that Motorhead would issue a smackdown worthy of the Bear Jew from Inglorious Bastards.

Speaking of Motorhead, he told me about an opening in his office. I was hesitant to turn in my resume because I’m pretty cozy (in spite of the perpetual Fuckshit Cunthattery). I went ahead and passed my resume onto their HR person and name dropped Motorhead.

His spiel was:



So I did…

Hopefully I’ll hear something.


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