The Fashionable Mental Illness

I made some comments on my first post  about identity issues in millennials and the need to identify yourself as some unique creature or with some mental disorder to make you feel special and use it as an excuse to misbehave or be an asshat.



And I get the need to make yourself feel special and unique by creating this fantasy realm where you can be anyone or anything. But manifesting this into reality burgeons on mental illness.

And that’s where this bothers me.

Actually having a diagnosed anxiety disorder, these people with their need to be special and force others to accept their mental illness does nothing but glorify mental illness. Now, this isn’t to demean anyone who struggles with anxiety, depression, bipolar, etc. It frustrates me so much that people use mental illness as an excuse to misbehave and be an asshole.

While I’m here, with my anxiety and my SSRI, trying not to be swallowed up by this black hole of debt, interpersonal relationships, work/life balance, and everything else and all the while smiling and acting like I have my shit together. Actual mental illness is not an excuse; it is not something to be glorified and worn as an accessory to make yourself look special or unique. No. Just no.

Reddit so often can articulate what I cannot:




And it’s stories like these….

I actually lived with one of those people – one of those people who made up trauma as an excuse to misbehave and be an asshole. Like embellishing on a story of sexual assault (dude pushed crotch in face) to be excused for acting like an asshat… while I’m sitting there having been actually and really sexually assaulted twice and I’m holding it together.

Maybe I just have coping skills. I don’t know.

I love one of her quotes though:

Maybe I should live in my car for six months to learn gratitude.

Um… thanks for trivializing one of the most difficult times of my life.


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