The Endearments


I think it is absolutely sad and hilarious when people talk about politics or religion on Facebook and they want to name call or say someone is ignorant or uneducated (seems to be the vogue) and they act like calling them names and being demeaning is going to win people over to their side or cause people to change their views. For instance:


Literally — do you not have enough things to go with your time other than to argue on Facebook with strangers who a.) you will not sway by starting some asinine internet argument and b.) being an asshat during said asinine internet argument. Seriously. Get another job, find a hobby that takes you outdoors, go serve in a soup kitchen, or clean up your community.

And if you aren’t being an asshat for the sake of being an asshat and you truly want to sway folks’ opinions, this is not the way. You cannot endear someone to your cause if you are name calling, assuming, demeaning, and an asshat.

This is is why Trump got elected. This shit right here.

Facebook and other social media opens up lines of communication which haven’t been explored. This opens us up for research and opinions of others.

But it has an ugly side.

Now, I’m not some hoity-toity do gooder. I’ll call folks out. In a heart beat. But capriciously being an asshole on the internet to strangers using a religious or political cudgel achieves nothing. This shit. This shit right here is why the country is so divided.

All this. It’s unnecessary.



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