The Missing Communications — Daily Prompt 2


Last night, I got put between a rock, and another rock, and a hard place.

See… I was going to enjoy a girl night with the besty — crocheting, wine, tea, food, girly movie, chat, etc…


Because my phone is possessed I didn’t know that besty and boyfriend and to run a very urgent errand with a deadline of 7:30.


So, I arrived at their house, rang the doorbell 20 times, assumed besty was on the john or something. Finally, I checked my phone, saw it was being possessed, restarted it three times, and popped the battery out for a hard reset.

Eight Facebook messages later, they’re running this urgent error which is literally life and death.

So, I said I’d wait. Didn’t want to waste my gas going back home.

45 minutes later, they arrive.

I had already had two phone conversations with my S.O. and dad.

And their car pulls up.

They don’t exit.

Well, shit.

They’re having a fight.

Should I stay or should I go?

So I stayed. The boyfriend went to the man shed, while I went inside and listened to besty vent for an hour.

Lesson of all this…

Please, folks, if you are in a relationship with someone, ya’ll need to communicate. Civilly. No sarcasm. No demeaning attitude. No condescension.

Come from a place of love and compassion. Talk about what you do like. Talk about what you don’t like. Don’t rub their nose in supposed wrong doings.

I once watched the female in a couple scold the male for washing dishes wrong and the silverware was cloudy. He polished the silverware the whole rest of the night, and she still berated him.

Wait… that was the same couple.


So, I laid it out — three options:

Make it work.

Live as roommates with no relationship (until besty is financially solvent enough to move out on her own)

Or, part company.

And it’s really that simple.

So that was my night.

I dealt with two people, who I love as friends and who love each other but don’t know how to communicate. At all.

*sigh* It’s been a long week.



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