The Interpersonal Conundrums — Daily Prompt 3


I never make myself out to be a paragon of human interaction, but I try to maintain a high moral ground in my relationships and always try to do right by others, sometimes up to a fault.

But last night night, I was frustrated.

There are times where I must force myself to accept and understand that not everyone is good at addressing grievances. Instead they are passive aggressive or just ignore you instead of talking about the elephant in the room.

And what’s worse, is I have no fucking clue what I did wrong. If I did wrong. I’ve retraced every interaction with this friend in my head and have come up with nothing.

At all.

And, for someone who is extremely logic based (INTP), this is frustrating. Just get it out, talk about it, find a consensus, and move on. It’s so much easier than just dragging things out.

And this weekend, I was a victim of dragging things out. Not on my part.

This type of thing makes me want to avoid all human interaction, to flee societal obligations, to not have to deal with people.

It’s like, if you are pissed at me, tell me. If I did something I need to apologize for or explain, tell me.

I may fall off the radar for a bit.

It always seems like when I start really liking folks, and bonding, they do this shit.

Being a hermit with 100 cats sounds so appealing right now.



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