The Amazingness of a Pot of Beans and Rice on a Chilly Wet Night

My favorite poor food since I had a place to cook in college is beans and rice… all kinds of beans with jasmine rice. I’ve taken to adding quinoa in with my rice for texture and a protein kick.

My dad mentioned adding smoked turkey wings to collards. And it clicked in my brain — pot of beans.

Right now, I’m enjoying black and red beans, slow cooked for 10 hours with smoked turkey wings I found for less than $2 at Winn Dixie. Used chicken broth, onions, spices like oregano, whole garlic, cumin, bay leaf, sea salt, and cracked pepper.

It’s lovely.

Especially with hot tea.

I came home from a long and exhausting day and crashed. I has been a gross muggy and rainy day. Two meetings and a Christmas luncheon triggered a migraine which almost negated the catered lunch provided into my desk side trashcan. I sat at my desk covering my eyes, trying to roll calls. My lovely coworker took pity and gave me motrin and ginger ale. Helped a lot.

Also, the dreaded Aunt Flo had to show her ugly mug in the middle of the meeting.

Because reasons.

So, after waking from my crash when I went straight home, and not to Yoga Wednesday, beans with smoked turkey wing, over rice and quinoa, with a squirt of sriracha, after this shitty day, is so amazing.

Also, Vesper Cat snuggles.


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