The Goals — Teaching Abroad

I really don’t want to be stuck here forever… in this 40 hours a week, barely scraping by, doing nothing, and feeling like I’m only paying for a place to sleep and store my crap.

I really want to go abroad and teach. I’ve been looking at South Korea and I’ve decided that’s what I really want.

I have a few hurdles, though.

The TEFL can be a bit pricey, but I found a groupon for an 180 hour class that’s only $89.

I need to get all my documents together.


And pray.

And those are the easy things.

One of my main… hurdles (although I hate saying that because they aren’t) are Harley and Vesper Cat.


When I adopted Harley almost 10 years ago and Vesper a year and a half ago, I knew I made a lifetime commitment. I don’t want to abandon them or beshit them on a relative who doesn’t want them.

I’ve talked to a few folks over there and they say a lot of ex-pats have pets brought over. Some teachers have pets, but you have to let your recruiter know so that they can plan.

Then logistically… do I really want to have two cats on a 21 hour flight in cargo or in the cabin with me?

Cats are notorious for dying and being misplaced during plane trips.

Also, there’s S.O. to think about. He doesn’t want to go overseas and teach. He’s content to stay comfortable in his little life, while I want to travel and have meaning and do something worthwhile.

And I’ve invested in our relationship. I’ve put six and a half years in with nothing to show for it.

My family I’m okay with being away from. Doesn’t phase me.

Is it sad that I’m  more attached to my cats than my S.O?

Wait… don’t answer that.

I just want things to be simpler, yet extraordinary.


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