The Lady Problems

Hokay! In this post I’m going to talk about lady parts and problems. If this offends you, dont read.

Two months before my first period my Nana Rosie got a hysterectomy. My mom had to explain that Nana Rosie got all her lady parts taken out. I was 11 when I got my first period and the first time I got cramps, I promptly asked my mother for a hysterectomy.

And to this day, if I didnt want to have at least one child, I would do it. And when I get done with my baby making, I plan on having my lady bits out too.

I write this, now, on the couch with my heating pad, midol, and a good cry movie on. I had to leave work early because I was in so much pain I couldnt focus. I took one of my tramadols that my doctor gave me for sciatica and it STILL hasnt taken the edge off.

I’ve been on three birth controls to mitigate cramps. My gyno’s plan was to take 9 weeks of active pills, and one off. For the first 9 weeks it worked. Had a period and spotted for 40 days after.

So much nope.

The second one…. I had two periods a month.

Hell no.

The third one wasnt free under my insurance (bummer) but was supposed to make my periods shorter and lighter . The first month I took it, I went crazy.

I had the worst mood swings and EVERY text book pregnancy symptom. I took 4 tests and I was sure I was pregnant.

And I wasn’t.

Stopped that one after a month and just have been dealing. In January, I’m going to talk to my lady doctor about an IUD.

Hope it works.

But at least I got to leave early and get Harley snuggles.


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