The Death of my Childhood


2016 has been a shit year.

Had a lot of weird/bad things happen to me, but a lot of good things, too. Sort of.

Bad things tend to outweigh the good things, at least in my mind. But I’m a highly logical person who has to analyze everything. Combine it with anxiety. Sprinkle lightly with salt. BAM.

I remember when Robin Williams died, I thought my childhood had died. My cousin had taken her life a week prior and almost exactly the way Williams had. And Williams was a staple of my childhood. Hook, Genie, Jumanji, etc…

I’ve never had a celebrity death impact me like that.

But, dammit, 2016. Carrie Fisher. Seriously.

My childhood is dead. Just gone.

I think I said “Fuck you, 2016” like 200 times yesterday.





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