The Horror! The Horror!


joseph-conradI didn’t start this blog to write about politics or race relations or anything so hotly contested. I don’t want to argue politics with anyone because I’m a firm believer that it achieves nothing. No one is willing to listen; it’s just some pissing match carried out by keyboard warriors with nothing better to do with their time.

But somethings just make me stop what I’m doing and linger.

I usually don’t issue “content warnings” lightly. I’m not a believer in sparing someone of something that might be offensive and hurt their feelings. But this, folks, is just evil.

Evil in the definition of being “carefully, correctly wrong.”

A special needs teenager was kidnapped and tortured. The act was racially and politically motivated.

I didn’t watch the edited version the news outlets are showing — I watched the entire 30 minutes of unedited footage. And I’m not faint of heart. But it made me sick at my stomach.

I feel badly for the entire Black community. Just as the heinous act committed by Dylann Roof does not represent the feelings and sentiments of all White people, the actions of Brittany Herring and her cohorts do not represent the feelings and sentiments of all Black people. To say, or assume that they do, irresponsible and ignorant.

And it’s terrible and horrible that people think that they do. I saw on FB, the absolute most disgusting and hate filled comments by White people.


This right here. This ain’t helping.

There is already so much racial tension in this country. This shit needs to stop. And commentary like the one above is NOT helping. All it is doing is increasing fear and anxiety for both the Black and White communities, which increases tension and leads to violence.



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