The Paycheck to Paycheck Life


I’ve never been really good at saving money — there’s always something I’m running out of, bills due, empty fridge, medical expenses.

S.O. is amazing with money. I told him, and this may seem antiquated, when we get married, I want him to manage our money. My paycheck goes to him, he makes sure all the bills are paid, we hve groceries, I have an allowance for gas/lunch.

And I’m totally okay with that.

Although, I would do all the grocery shopping. If he had his way, we’d live on bachelor chow.

I don’t get paid leave. The holidays and being sick hit hard. I had a good paycheck for this pay period. Next one, not so much.

So, I went ahead and stocked my pantry and freezer just in case I can’t afford to buy groceries next pay check. Also, that is my rent check.

So, I went to Trader Joes. I love their frozen butter chicken and chicken tikka masala.

I made tikka chicken masala from scratch and it was actually pretty damn good. Marinated my chicken pieces in plain greek yogurt, aloo masala (which I had to hunt down and finally found at the Asian market), lemon juice, and some other spices — coriander, cumin, salt, pepper, ginger, cayenne. Roasted the chicken after letting it marinate all night. Made a tomato based sauce. It was delicious, but took too much effort.

There are some meals I have planned — I do a lot of quinoa and chicken. Chicken thighs are always pretty reasonable. I tend to buy frozen veggies. I love fresh veggies, but they dont last long. Not a fan of brown rice — tastes too much like dirt. S.O. doesn’t like cucumber (but loves pickles), squash, okra, carrot cake, and some other things. So, I have to keep that in mind when cooking for him. But sometimes I can sneak squash into my spaghetti sauces.

And Trader Joe has my favorite coconut oil. I dont really use it for cooking — I like to take a heaping table spoon of it and put it in my hot bath water. My skin feels amazing. Also use it in my egg hair mask and after I clarify my hair to put moisture back in.

And their $0.19 bananas. So yummy!

I get a lot of my meats from Winn Dixie — they usually always have a good sale. They have some good sales if you have a Winn Dixie card.

Other stuff I get at Walmart, because it is the cheapest place I can find it — paper towels, toilet paper, shampoo/conditioner, soap, lady things, cleaning products, cat food.

Although, Publix had Tidy Cats litter buy one get one free. Some things I can get good deals on at Publix, although they are a tad more expensive.

I always try to get one nice thing for myself every month — new lipstick (because I have an obsession), shirt or pair of leggings, hair accessories… just something little, under $10 to make me feel special. This time it was a new foundation brush, because my old one was shedding worse than me and my two cats combined. It was only ~$7.

Cat food isnt that hard — my cats wont eat expensive canned cat food. If I splurge and get anything fancy, they turn their nose up at it. They like Purina indoors. One thing I do to stretch cat litter is to add a carton of baking soda. Works like a charm.


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