The Girl Who Doesn’t Want Anyone to Talk to Her


I’m not pissed off this morning.

I promise.

Little tired.

Came in my office and people started coming in and talking to me.

And I just can’t. I can’t process information. I can’t think of something to say as a reply to what you just said. I can’t think of something that can help you. I can’t find information.

I really just kind of want to go back to sleep.

I know this hormonally induced funk is just that… hormones. I could normally rationalize my way out of this, but I just cant.

I’m capable of “good mornings”, perfunctory “How are yous?”, and the always, “I’m good, how are you?”

Higher level reasoning just doesn’t want to happen.

I have coffee.

I actually had a really good night last night. Besty invited me for dinner. I brought a $4 bottle of Trader Joe’s Cabernet and some gyoza.

She made salmon with capers, lemon juice, and tomatoes that was the bomb. Rice and quinoa topped with gorganzola and sriracha, and garlic green beans.

I told her about my panic attack, while we were a little tipsy. She said, “the only thing I ever really have to tolerate about you is when you post something on FB, and then you talk about it. It’s like, we already read about it. Move on.”

If that’s the only thing Besty tolerates about me, I think I’m okay.

I think I figured out why the friend in The Interpersonal Conundrums is avoiding me like the plague. And it’s something I did, but not something bad. I’m pretty sure I accidentally caught her in a lie.

So, she’ll come around.

I feel pretty okay with past things, it’s just dealing with now things that is causing me problems.

I need to drink my coffee. We have a meeting today and I’m expected to perform.


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