The Laundromat


There is something strangely magical and very mundane about spending the morning at the laundromat.

I panic attacked myself to sleep at around 9:30, and woke up at 6:30. After having crazy anxiety dreams about work and throwing up — which is #1 on my list of things I hate doing, but I know I have to — and giant sand crabs chasing me up a beach in New Orleans. I had wanted to sleep in, but alas, wasnt meant to be.

I decided to bring everything — jackets, scarves, bedding… And just clean it. Then when I get home, I’m gonna clean everything.

Cleaning is something I don’t enjoy doing unless I’m in a cleaning mood. And when I get that wild hair, I will compulsively make sure everything is clean.

But back to the laundromat — yeah, it’s a pain in the ass to load everything up and haul it over there, and wait. But it gives me time for introspec — holyshit there is a bee in my car!

And now I’m that crazy person standing outside of my car with one flip flop on.

But back to introspection. I can make my mental lists and go over my mental budget and that sort of thing. Sort things out. Coalate data. Rationalize shit.

Also, people watching.

Although, las time I was here someone tried to run off with my nice white basket then pulled this ‘no habla ingles’ bullshit. You know what you did! The counter lady, who spoke Spanish, translated and scolded her.

Serves her right. My basket.

Then there are the creepy old guys that like to flirt. I mean, I’m not going to pull this third wave feminism thing, and say men arent allowed to initiate a conversation with me, but seriously. I’m trying to wash my panties and bras, whilst wearing my yoga pants and an oversized tee shirt. My hair looks like a troll doll’s. Just no. I’m here to wash my linens. Not flirt.

Like that — but gray yoga pants and an oversized camo tee shirt. Include the face in your mental image and you got it.
Also, when I get home with all of my clean linens, I feel like I accomplished something.

And this whole experience solidifies my plan of getting a washer/dryer with my income tax return.


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