The Passive Aggression


I used to be that person; that was the only way I could redress any grievances — by being sullen, snarky, talking shit about you behind your back (still do that some times).

Sometimes I just need people to tell me what I’m doing wrong. So I can fix it.

And not doing this pussyfooting. Not productive.

Today is sucking bad.

Nothing really witty or insightful.



7 thoughts on “The Passive Aggression

  1. Gotta agree with that, If only people cared enough to tell others things rather than let the issues simmer and groan when things don’t change automatically.

    What I do find funny about passive aggressive behaviour though is that those who complain about it in others are often just as good at it only they don’t see it. Then if they do complain about it in someone they usually do it in a passive aggressive manner. Humans are weird creatures 🙂

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    • I guess it has to deal with worrying about hurting someone else’s feelings. But, honestly it “hurts my feelings” or irks me more when they do this. I’d rather you tell me, hey, you did X and I didn’t like X. And I’ll apologize for it if I feel like it is an issue (unless it was something really stupid like asking if someone tanned being perceived as racist) and go about my business and you go about your business. But then, when I go to you and ask “hey, are you pissed at me because you are being kind of passive aggressive?” “No.” It’s like, people can’t effectively communicate these days. I’ve given you an out to discuss your feelings on my behavior and you refuse to take it. And then you have to go back and think about every interaction to see what they could have become pissed about and it’s exhausting. I’m in the thick of it with one friend who has been avoiding me like the plague, and won’t say what I did wrong. Then I used deductive reasoning and my best guess is that I caught her in a lie… on accident.

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