The Inauguration

I haven’t had coffee in a week — 1 cup later, ya’ll get two posts on one day.

Unpopular opinions ahead. Ye be warned.

I try to think of myself as a reasonable, even keeled person. I don’t jump to conclusions, I think things out, I listen to both sides, I weigh options, and I research.

And after pondering it, the only thing I can say at this point is:

I sincerely hope President Trump does well.

And that’s what you have to do. I wouldn’t wish anything bad on him. He’s going to be the leader of the country and just asking for him to fuck up A) is irresponsible because if he fucks up, it fucks everyone up and B) don’t make that bad juju and jinx us.


^^This kind of shit, right here, is the reason we can’t have nice things.

And I’m not saying Trump is the greatest thing since sliced bread and the sun shines out of all of his orifices. Hell, I didn’t vote for the motherfucker (#feelthejohnson).

But I’m not going to wish him ill. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot. If he fails, we fail.

Simply put, shit rolls down hill.

But folks don’t think like that — they use this knee jerk emotionalism to make their decisions and it’s not right. They don’t think, they open their mouths and shit and vitriol comes pouring out.


^^This right here, ain’t helping. All you did was set your dumb ass on fire.


^^This ain’t helping either. That blood could have went to save people’s lives — 20 pints of blood went into this. That’s 20 lives that could have been saved.


^^Just eww. That’s not sanitary.

Instead of wishing death and badness on someone who is going to be leading our country, can’t we just hope that he does a good job. Bring on some good energy. And if there arises a need to truly protest and stand up, the shit these SJW’s have been doing ain’t working.

I had to tell a friend of mine, who is LBGT+, that no, there won’t be a lynch mob at your house trying to string you up when Trump takes office. People don’t got time for that; they’re more worried about putting food on their table and paying bills. And last time I checked stringing anyone up will give you a criminal record, which makes you pretty unemployable. They might talk a lot of shit, but at the end of the day it is all talk. It’s sticks and stones. And if by chance they do decide to lynch all the gays in the south, call me. I will be there in a heartbeat to defend your rights in front of God and everyone. And I have some redneck cred. I don’t pussyfoot. Or better yet, learn to defend yourself.

I wouldn’t consider myself a gun nut, but I am a proponent of the Second Amendment. In that, I am a female who lives alone with two cats in a medium sized city. I can’t afford a big dog, so I have a Glock instead. My rule is that if someone breaks in and aims to cause mischief and harm in my place of residence while I’m not there, that’s what I got insurance for. If I am home, and it happens, someone’s getting shot.


I’m very libertarian in my views. I have my rights, you have your rights, everyone has equal rights up until your rights treads on someone else’s rights unjustly, then you’re in trouble.

And it’s kind of funny, in a weird ironic in my head way, that these uber liberals who are so against guns are suddenly and magically realizing why we have a second amendment.

So, I guess the point of this weird rambly post is that A.) don’t wish the leader of the free world ill, because if he fucks up, we’re all fucked, B.) find better ways to protest that don’t involved lighting yourself on fire, wasting perfectly good blood, or wishing death on someone. Do something productive with your time — serve in a soup kitchen, volunteer, pick up garbage, protest lead paint… I dunno, and, B.) if the current political climate makes you fear for your safety, learn to protect yourself and take your safety and wellbeing into your own hands.

And please don’t interpret this as “hey, she said go on a murder spree” because no the hell I did not.

Jesus… just take responsibility for yourself.

And dude, don’t pick a fight with Hell’s Angels and combat vets at the inauguration. You are going to get laughed out of town or beat up or dead.


Use common sense folks.



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