The Resting Sad Face



This makes three times in the last month.

My resting face is evidently a sad face. Or maybe I just have had a disgruntled/anxious look on my face for the last month.

Three people that I work with have stopped me in the hall, whilst walking, to ask what is wrong and if I was crying.

The first one, was one of the nurse I work with. She was rushing to get back to her office and stopped mid sprint to check and see how I was. My nose is always a little red from rosacea, and I’ve been a little sniffly.

… but three times.

First is funny, second is coincidence, third is just weird.

I feel like I need to consciously smile at everyone now.

Or maybe I don’t hide my anxiety/meltdown well.

Lady parts and problems from here out. Ye be warned.

I think my body is giving me one last “fuck you” before I get my IUD. I *finally* started  my period today after six anxious days of being late. And any female, whether sexually active or not, will freak out about being late. Seriously.

And then, when it did start, with much pomp and circumstance, this morning, I was about floored with cramps. I was walking to the cafeteria because Tuesdays and Thursdays they have biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast, and I was with a coworker, and I had to stop and grab the wall to keep from going to my knees.

Freaked them out.

I went to the restroom, and behold!



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