The Road

S.O. are on the road right now, down to the folks to retrieve my new-to-me washer and dryer that I dont have to buy.

I had to move my cat box out of the utility closet to make room. I’d originally wanted stackables so I could keep my cat box in there, but the phrase “free, just come and get it” was super appealing.

I hope my family behaves. Maybe the will since S.O. is coming.

I am buying his gas and food this trip — least I could do.

It’s nice having a boyfriend with a truck.

I really hate the word “boyfriend” — S.O. is 31, aka not a boy, and we’re much more than friends.

Just the connotation — when I think of the word “boyfriend” I think of some pizza faced 15 year old sneakily holding hands with his girlfriends while they watch a G rated movie with her parents.

And “fiance” is kind of a loaded word because it implies a definite “when” element. We don’t really have a definite when. And people just have this expectation and feel they are entitled to a say in our relationship. We just are. And, we are happy.

And yeah, the wait and long distance sucks, but he’s worth it.

I just hope my family doesn’t poke at that open wound and make it worse.

Evidently, we were being cute last night. At Zaxby’s, he put his amr around me while ordering and the young female cashier commented how she wanted a boyfriend. I chided her it was more about quality than quantity, and to wait for the right one.

Reminded me of that song lyric from the movie Juno, “We sure are cute for two ugly people.”

I hated saying that to her, though — not because it was untrue, because it’s not — I hate giving unsolicited dating advice, but I ccouldn’t think of anything else to say.

But, I am super excited about a washing machine and dryer.

I’m going to treat S.O. to the Nice ‘n Easy Oyster Bar in Deland. Don’t think we’ll be there long enough to go to Daytona or anything.

We’ll be coming back tomorrow.



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