The Way Home

And because of our luck, we are driving home in one of the worst storms N. Florida/S. Georgia’s had since Hurricane Hermine. Tornadoes have killed 11 in the area so far, so we opted to take the backroads home instead of I75 and I10.

In addition to a washer and dryer, got belated Christmas gifts as well — hand me down $400 Dyson vacuum, new book shelf, some wall art, and an entertainment center. Also $200 — dad said it was fair because they’d spent that much on my brother in prison for Christmas.

I did get to see my nana. She’s still pretty bad off, but at least she’s home.

Her garden is absolutely lovely

I treated S.O. and myself to oysters. We slid into this little dive bar called the Nice ‘n Easy Oyster Bar before a huge biker gang reunion came in and managed to down 4 dozen between the both of us.

And, now we’re on the way home through this:

All and all, it was a good trip. My family behaved themselves, but I’m pretty sure it’s because S.O. was there.



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