The Blood Letting

Today was a uniquely horrible day — It started at midnight installing my new-to-me washer and dryer. It took a full two hours. S.O. and I had to go to Lowes to get a metal dryer vent and metal tape. I had to rewire the dryer to install the correct plug.

And I gouged my thumb open trying to cut the vent hose connected from the wall to the dryer — literal blood, sweat, and tears into this.

We finished at around 2am.

Moment of truth — turning on the water valves.

… and they’re rusted shut.

Had to call maintenance.

S.O. stayed the night. He left around 6:30am after a brief sleep and drove home. His mother gave him a bunch of shit for spending the night on a work night. I was worried about all the debris on the road from the storm and tornadoes we had in the area yesterday.

Luckily, I was already expected to be late. Had to do blood work this morning. Right when I walked I the lab, the power went out. Not everywhere in town was as fortunate as us to have maintained power. The news said the storms were worse than Hurricane Hermine.

So, I waited for half an hour in the lab. I was about to leave and I got two feet from the door and the power came back on. Within 10 minutes, I’d given two vials of blood and was on my merry way.

Got to work, reared to go, then the cramps hit. I was training new people and felt it — the most horrible cramps I’ve had in a while.

And then I bled through my pants. FML.

Went home and was still miserable.

Luckily, my property manager got my message about the valves and sent over maintenance. Who had to use huge wrenches to open the valves.

Evidently, Harley didn’t like the maintenance man. I assumed she escaped. I spent an hour looking for her around the neighborhood.

She was inside the damn couch.

But now I can do laundry. Ever been so damn happy to do laundry.



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