The Rosacea Problem


Well, it’s been five damn years and my rosacea has flared up. Normally, I’d be panicking with an impending sense that my entire face would soon look like a pizza and my susceptibility to staph would skyrocket, I’m not that worried. I’m going to see my doctor on Friday for my six month thyroid follow up and have her look at it and/or give me a referral to dermatology.

See, the last few times my rosacea got bad, I didn’t have insurance. And I tried every quack thing I could to get rid of it. The worst it got was when I was on my homeless adventure and I was so stressed and depressed and working all the time in a call center (hello, germ breeding ground) and hostessing at a diner (hello, other germ breeding ground) I got staph.

And it was bad. It was all over my face. I had huge staph bumps on my finger, arm, leg, a few on my butt, stomach. It was pretty gnarly.

I finally broke down and went to the ER. I didn’t have any other options.

They gave me a script for bactrim and bactroban and it cleared it right up. I followed up with a dermatologist two weeks later (out of pocket $120) and suggested for future follow ups to use benzoyl peroxide, which most rosacea forums say will make it worse, but it actually makes it better for me. So I’ve been using it whenever I even have any kind of hint that a flare up is on the horizon.

And now, I have a flare up. It’s on the left side of my nose up to my glasses, the sides of both nostrils, below the left nostril, and on the center of my chin.

And I know it’s genetic — my paternal grandma has it, my dad has it, one or two of my cousins have it. Throw in my dad’s moliness and my mom’s super awesome cystic acne, and my skin hates me.

I’ve had some really awful regular pimples with it (maybe hormonal), which kind of exacerbates it.

Also, I have a hard time keeping my hands off of it. I’m a horrible picker — it’s a really nasty habit, I know.

So, I’ll probably get another script for bactrim and bactroban and watch my skin magically go back to normal after looking like a cheese pizza.




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