The Shower Curtain and Bleach Soup

I had a really awesome blog idea last night when I was trying to sleep and I totally forgot.


Cleaning house and waiting for my freshly mopped floors to dry.

Doing so much laundry.

Productive day!

Not so much yesterday. Had a hard time focusing and too much to do. Came home and immediately crashed. I’d missed thyroid meds on thursday and ended up taking it on friday with food (hopefully some absorbed). Today was the first day in two days with proper administration of thyroid meds and I got a crap ton done.

Doctor said my labs look good. Told me that I didnt need a referral for dermatology, but they cant fit me in until March. Do, however, need prior authorization from my health insurance to see special dentist about SSRI induced bruxism and TMJ. Evidently she was freaked out by my jaw popping every time I opened my mouth. Unfortunately, said dentist is out of network under my dental plan. Insurance will still cover some. Need to find new dentist anyways — three dentists have left the practice and jumped ship and they it seems like they are over charging me. Cleanings are supposed to be free and fillings like $8 per surface per my dental insurance formulary thingy…. not $65 and $78 respectively. The oral surgeon who took all my wisdom teeth out in March only charged me $107 for the whole damn shebang — but they want to charge me over half that for a damn cleaning. Also quoted me $800 for a crown, and a trip to the endontist for a root canal. There’s been a filling in that tooth for 15 years… and it’s held up until recently and it doesnt hurt at all. I think I’ll be okay with another filling. And if you do want to put a crown on it, I dont need a nice porcelain thing. It’s in the back of my friggin head. Silver is fine.


Dentistry in general frustrates me. I’m pretty sure my brother didn’t brush his teeth until he got braces when he was 16 and that bastard has never had a cavity. Mom and dad put over $1500 worth of braces into his mouth and the first time he went to prison, they took out his braces and a few years later (can’t exactly remember prison stint this was) he got schlocked and his front tooth got knocked out.

Freaking rediculous.

And I brush my teeth 2+ times a day and floss, but I have cavities.

Life isn’t fair

Well, this was a weird post — was talking about cleaning then got to talking about oral hygiene.

Guess it’s a logical tangent…



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