The Politics Anxiety

President Trump Signs Executive Orders In The Oval Office

I’ve become that person I’ve berated, however, instead of continuing the cycle of letting political bullshit on FB make me crazy and anxious, I’m just going to shut the damn thing down.

It’s not that I don’t care about the plight of different peoples, but it’s the fact that maybe I care too much. I don’t know. I think it’s sad what’s going on in the middle east — especially hearing stories about people who actually live here not being able to get back home.

About 15 years ago, my nana’s friend who was from South Africa had moved to the States with her husband and children. She had to return for a few months while her mother was ill and subsequently passed, and something went wrong with her papers and she couldn’t make it back for months after her mother had passed. I think she was out of the country for a full year while her husband and children continued on here.

And it sucks that it’s happening to people who are actually residents not being able to get home to their jobs, homes, dogs, cars, responsibilities.

I understand the need to vet immigrants coming into the country from “questionable” areas and it’s a time consuming process — but these people who are “locked out” are people who have been vetted, known quantities. They should be able to come home.

Conversely, I’m torn about the refugees. Yes, they are coming from war torn countries, but they also bring with them that baggage. Not all of them. And it’s not Muslims in particular — just those who have been radicalized and are utilizing this situation as a means to harm people. But you can’t tell which ones are peaceful and just want to get the hell out of there, which is completely understandable, and which ones are using the crisis to cause terror and harm people.

You want to open your arms and take them in, but at the same time it’s the lesson of the scorpion and the frog. You want to help, but it might just be in the nature of the ones who want to harm to harm. You can do everything you can, but the scorpion is still going to sting you because it’s their nature.

And that’s where my logic is torn. There is so much knee jerk emotionalism but there’s also a logic to it, but all the people who have that pure emotive reaction are drowning out the logic in it all. And the massive amount of differing voices with divisive ideas perpetuated by some mutation of misinformation and truth.

It’s grating on my nerves and I’m to the point where I want nothing of it.

And that’s bad.

Because I’m an advocate of civil rights and a humanitarian. I feel my goal in life is to help as many folks as I can. I go out of my way to be charitable and kind to people, especially on an individual level, but right now I cannot rationally deal with this.



4 thoughts on “The Politics Anxiety

  1. gah, I totally understand. I was just thinking that today about myself — I’ve turned into the person I chastise on Facebook, whose posts are largely political and stagnate. I think I’m going to vow to not post anything political unless I believe posting it would actually make a difference. because it’s just become so draining having that be the only topic on Facebook or Twitter for me.

    sometimes we have to do what’s best for ourselves. a close friend once told me that I couldn’t save a person who’s drowning if I’m already drowning at the same time. on airplanes, you’re supposed to put your mask on first before helping anyone else. sometimes, we gotta take care of our Self first. ❤ wishing you and yours the best during these frightening times.

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    • Agreed. I’m pretty libertarian about everything so I get so much crap from my conservative and liberal friends so I just stopped posting political stuff altogether. I stick with recipes and cute cat videos. But with this political climate, there is so much knee jerk emotionalism going on on both sides and I’m all INTP back here like, dude, wait and think this out before you do something. But no. And then, yesterday, I was on one of my favorite cat pages (kind of my reprieve from the political bullshit) and people were being ugly on there about coconut oil, twist ties, and indoor/outdoor cats. People, seriously. I just wanna see cute cats. I’m trying to limit my FB exposure to politics — not that I can’t handle it, but there are only so many times I can facepalm without causing permanent brain damage.


  2. Thank you for your candor here. It’s all heart breaking and I’m feeling very helpless right now, also. I would like to share my experience. That’s all it is, my experience. I have known many, many refugees and immigrants. I spend every Saturday with a group of them. They are just like everyone else, good and bad, however, they are not terrorists. They are the terrorized. Very selfishly, I am thankful they weren’t forced to stay in their old country. (They would have died.) It’s selfish because I think what I would have missed out on had they not been in my life. I have have known so many immigrants from so many countries, who speak so many languages and have so many differences. What I see in every single one of them is that as American citizens they love America and want the best for it and they miss their homeland with great heart ache.
    I hope none of this turns into an argument. I have spoken from my heart something I wanted to share. I love your blog, I relate to some of your struggles and respect the others you are struggling with. I’m glad you showed interest in my blog and I look forward to following yours.


    • I appreciate your honesty and heartfelt comment. I’ve known many immigrants who sought better lives here too. Hell, we’re a country of immigrants — i’m German, Irish, Welsh, Spanish, and Sioux. I feel like Trump’s throwing the baby out with the bath water on this one. Yes, we want to be safe, but at what cost? Every point of refuge has a price and this price just might be too much.

      I sincerely than you for your interest. WP has become a refuge of sorts for me — not so much short, punchy opinions and info — more thought out and insightful. I feel like we dont have enough of that. Everything has become “u” and “r” and character counts and knee jerk emotionalism.

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