The Keto Diaries — The Yoyo



I said I wouldn’t do it again because it made me want to murder people and become a sanctimonious asshat… but I’m gonna do it again — and this time be better prepared.

I’m going keto… again.

But seeing as how I’m not destitute, like the first time I did, and all my blood levels are good (TSH, T4, lipids, etc) and I am on an SSRI, I think I can. The first time I did it, I was an emotional wreck and I didn’t know that my body was eating my thyroid.

I started making out my grocery list and it looks good. But I remember it wasn’t about the list or the foods I bought at the grocery store. It was the going out and eating.

Also, this time, I’m not going to advertise that I’m doing it. I was in people’s faces about how they should cut their carbs and blah blah woof woof. Or have them put this expectation on me. I just don’t want to make a big thing of it or make this blog all about it — because I feel that if I fail, I’ll have to tell my followers “hey, I’m a flake and I totally failed.”

I guess the progenitor of this decision was that when I went in for my six month thyroid follow up last Friday, I’d gained 10 lbs back and fell back over 260, which is unacceptable. But I was also on the tail end of my period and I was completely ravenous the whole week. I’m hoping the IUD, when/if it does that magical thing of making my periods less and/or disappear, I won’t have those hormonal appetite swings. Seriously — my weight will fluctuate 10-15 lbs over the course of the month.

When I first did it, I’d weighed 225 and dropped down to 195 before I came off of it — the I started dating S.O. and gained it all back and then some.

Boyfriends will do that to you.

I kind of also want to set a good example of eating healthy for him. Because honestly, he eats bachelor chow.


He does work out. He’s different with working out than I am — he likes to lift and jog while I like walking and yoga — low impact exercise.

I’m going to get a membership to the YMCA. It’s closer than the place I go to for yoga (I had a groupon) and they do aquatics in the summer — which means, Mon & Wed yoga and Tues & Thurs aquatics. It’s $43 per month, which is a little steep, but they do have a pool and I love doing laps.

I usually take walks on all my 15 minute breaks and the tail end of my lunch, especially that it hasn’t been so oppressively hot.

But yeah, keto.

I’m just going to do it. The idea of making goals seems daunting and anxiety inducing. I’m just gonna trust my gut (ha) on this one and go until I feel good about it.

Also, it doesn’t help that this weekend I went through my clothes and packed up all my beautiful size 14 New York & Company slacks that I can’t wear anymore because my ass is so fat and I can’t bear to part with.

So, my grocery list:


  • Ground turkey 4x (Trader Joes has the best deal on ground turkey at $2.99/lb, so when I go, I stock up.)
  • Chicken thighs 2x (cheap, easy, tender and delicious)
  • Canned Tuna (one of my go to midnight snacks, also Harley likes it)
  • Some sort of fish — probably salmon or flounder. I try to steer away from Tilapia
  • Plain lunch meat (mostly to snack — gonna be careful though because some of them have added sugars and gross preservatives)


  • Sour Cream
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Cheese — string, block, cubed, constipated… yeah
  • plain yogurt
  • butter

Frozen Things — because they last longer

  • broccoli
  • green beans
  • asparagus
  • spinach
  • cauliflower
  • strawberries — sweet little snack with very low carbs

Fresh Stuff — Yay!

  • avocado — unless they already jacked up prices (Thanks Trump)
  • squash, zucchini and yellow — good veggie to add bulk to meals
  • bell pepper — good substitute for tortilla and chips when having Mexican food (stuffed bell peppers!)
  • tomato
  • cucumber — make a very good cucumber salad with parm, cherry tomatoes, green onions, and balsamic vinegar
  • green onions
  • basil — I have owned two flat leaf basil plants, but they keep dying. I love basil so much I just need to have a basil garden with nothing but basil for ever.
  • cilantro
  • baby bella mushrooms — my favorite!
  • celery — good bulk food, low calories
  • almonds — another good bulk food that will make you feel full


  • Stevia — for when I absolutely need sweet. I have a good keto whipped cream and strawberry recipe using heavy cream and frozen strawberries.
  • unsweetened chocolate — I have a friend with an awesome recipe for keto fudge using coconut oil (already have at the house)


So, for the days when I get home and I’m just pooped, I can quick thaw some ground turkey, cook with random veggies.

I’m kind of a grazer so the cheese and celery will help and the unsweetened chocolate will help with the cravings.

Wish me luck!



4 thoughts on “The Keto Diaries — The Yoyo

  1. Yea, the food thing is tough with a thyroid condition. Like the quote from the Simon and Peg movie Shawn Of The Dead: “The trouble is…I kind of like eating crap.”

    I struggle with my weight as well (again, thyroid). I just can’t get below a certain weight, no matter what I do.

    I get caught eating out as well. When something’s in my meal I didn’t expect, not much I can do so I enjoy the unintended “cheat.” I hope you don’t give yourself too hard a time. It’s all good. Just do what you can.

    Be Well,

    Liked by 1 person

    • See, you totally feel my pain lol. Before I was diagnosed and put on levo, I could sleep for 18 hours straight. I tried keto before I was diagnosed and did lose weight, but the lack of sugar was messing with my already stunted energy levels. This time around, I wanted to wait until all my thyroid and lipid levels were good before I started again, and so far I feel I’m doing pretty good. Just weird sleep and brain fog. But yeah, I kind of like eating crap to. The past few weeks I’d been doing pop tarts for breakfast and lots of rice and noodles for dinner.

      I hope your weight struggles work out. Having a bum thyroid is no joke.

      Thanks! Hope you have a great day!


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