The Keto Diaries — First Milestone

no-sugar-dietI had a strange, sleepless night. I don’t think I actually got to sleep until about 4:30am… so I’m running on about 2.5 hours of sleep.

Lord help me.

But something awesome happened in my weight loss keto journey — I had to tighten my bra one hook.

I know it seems kind of small and inconsequential, but it made me happy.

Not having sugar cravings, however still having bad sleep and weird dreams.

My friend asked me if I had keto breath yet.

I said maybe — I had this dream where S.O. and I were at this beach party and there was going to be a fireworks show. We spent all this time finding the right spot, and by the time we were settled, we went back to the buffet and all they had were chicken legs in this disgusting orange sauce. And I was so pissed at S.O. and cussed him out. When I woke up, the disgusting orange sauce was the taste in my mouth from keto breath. It permeated into my dream. The sauce tasted like a combination of regular morning breath, melted plastic, and acetone.

My friend said, “yeah, that’s keto breath. Poor S.O.”

So yeah…

As for the sleep, my other other friend suggested some lavender oil on my feet. I love lavender oil, so I’m going to have to do that.

Last night, I had so much energy. I actually did the semi annual flattening of the hair. I even tweezed my eyebrows and shaved my legs.


I don’t do it all the time, because it will seriously damage your hair, but today I wanted to be cute.



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