The Storm Sleeper


I slept last night.

The full night.

It was amazing.

We had all these nasty storms roll through last night, with horrible lightening. I had a not scary dream about tornadoes.

Slept like a baby through all of it. Same when Hurricane Hermine rolled through. I sat up and watched the trees thrash around, then the power went out. Fell asleep listening to the wind and rain with the radio on. When I woke up everything kind of looked like a war zone and people forgot what traffic laws were. Folks on the radio had to explain (ELI5) that when the traffic lights were out to treat them like a four way stop.

People didn’t get it.

I got a good bit of exercise yesterday, so that helped. I got a total of 45 minutes of walking in (roughly oneish mile) I was in bed by 9:30.

My guts seemed to have gotten over the lack of sugar shock.

Everything seems to have gone back to normal with my innards — as my dad says, “the best part of my day is my AM BM.”

I concur.

I’ve gone down 5 lbs since I weighed in at my doctor’s office Friday before last.




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