The Keto Diaries — First Week Without Sugar!


It has been a full week, and I feel pretty damn good.

Except in the afternoons. Fuck the afternoons — I’ll have to figure something out to help.

I’ve noticed that to pull this off, I kind of need to be a grazer and have snacks. Lunch ain’t doing it for me.

I’m not usually very hungry in the mornings. In the past, eating in the mornings made me queasy. With thyroid meds, I’ve always had an excuse to avoid breakfast thrust upon me by friends and family.

I’ve been eating  good, hearty lunches — mostly leftovers. And supplement it with a boiled egg, avocado, kale, or some nuts.

This next week, however, I’m changing up my grocery list:


  • 2 18 count carton of eggs — I did not realize how many eggs I would be eating. I’ve been taking them for lunch, as a quick snack, or using them in a fritata.
  • 10 cans of tuna — tuna salad is so easy and is delicious over kale.
  • SO MUCH BACON!!!!!
  • Maybe a rotisserie chicken for chicken salad. I hate chicken from the can, and rotisserie chicken makes the best chicken salad. Also have a really good avocado chicken salad recipe.


  • Large thing of sour cream. I use it instead of mayo in my various meat salads.
  • Like four cartons of almond milk. That stuff is awesome. I haven’t been drinking coffee, but I’m thinking that I can use it and make like a pitcher of iced coffee that’ll keep for a few days. Also have used it to make chai lattes — with stevia.
  • A large thing of cottage cheese. Also good snack, especially over kale.
  • Plain yogurt. I’ve had like 10 people lecture me over how important probiotics are during a carbless diet.
  • Cheese for days…. all varieties. My favorites have been pepper jack and muenster


  • Kale 2x bags.
  • Avacados — my go to snack.
  • Cherry tomatoes —  a good add on to salads and other dishes
  • Bell Peppers
  • Cucumbers — Haven’t had a chance/the urge to make cucumber salad, but it’s on my list.
  • Mushrooms — I like baby bella mushrooms.
  • Spaghetti squash — this, surprisingly, has been such a wonderful thing. Cooks in the microwave in 20 minutes.
  • Regular squash — love zucchini.


  • Almonds are just crunchy and amazing.
  • Sunflower seeds — when S.O. and I went on our adventure to get my washer and dryer, we got a huge thing of shelled sunflower seeds from Winn Dixie for like $3 or $4. Completely worth it. Plus, I I love sunflower seeds over salads.

I really want to try this pho recipe I saw using zucchini “noodles” and sprouts. I love, love, love pho and I also want to figure out how to make the bone broth. I need to pick up a good stock pot. Also left my sauce pan over at Besty’s on accident.




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