The Valentine Heart and The Cheater


I had popcorn. A lot.

And no shame.

Been eight days without sugar, and we were at the movies, and I had popcorn. Like a lot.

But I’m back on track today with my pork rinds for breakfast and cheesy veggies and chicken thighs for lunch.

Valentine’s weekend was pretty awesome, even though a lot of our plans fell through.

See, S.O. and I were aiming to see all the awesome stuff going on in the sky on Friday. And it turned out the eclipse wasn’t really an eclipse and the comet wasn’t visible with the naked eye.

But still, we wanted to blow up the air mattress in the back of his truck and have our blankets and pillows and skywatch. All the parks in town were too bright, so we drove 20 minutes to one of the out of town parks and they closed at sundown.


So, we just went home and watched Futurama.

We wanted to see John Wick this weekend, but couldn’t get seats. Luckily Rogue One was still playing and we got in. Neither of us had seen it yet and we were pleasantly surprised at how completely awesome it was. I really like the tone of the newer (not prequel) Star Wars movies. It seems more real, and isn’t all just special effects.

S.O. also presented me with my Valentines Day gift — an anatomically correct heart necklace:


All and all a good weekend.

Came to work today and it’s not even 9:30am and I already want to beat my head against my desk.

But, on the plus side, it’s a short week.

On the flip side, the reason it’s a short week is because I’m getting a foreign object inserted into my body on Friday and fully plan on being in excruciating pain.

And I’m making S.O. endure it with me and tend to my every need.



4 thoughts on “The Valentine Heart and The Cheater

    • Thanks!

      I was actually surprised he got it for me lol. He knows I hate hearts and cut flowers. Usually he gets me a potted plant, but this year was different! The popcorn was amazing. But back on the wagon for me this week. It was nice having a cheat day.

      **Originally posted this under the wrong thing. Still getting the hang of WordPress

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