The Research Plan Nerdgasm

I’m totally playing hookie today and have no shame.

In my defense, I woke up with cramps.

And cramps generally make me non functional.

However, I’m thinking of doing actual empirical research on this female backbiting and pettiness thing. Even though most of my research experience deals with criminology, I do have psychological research experience dealing with victimization. Not too far apart… I may take a trip to the local book store and do a lit review.

I mean, someone somewhere had probably done some sort of anthropological, sociological, or psychological study on this.

Hopefully all three.

But if the weather was warmer, I’d totally drive the hour to Carrabelle and go to the beach… and do my lit review there… with a coldbeer.

Also, I was curious and retook my Myers Briggs…. yep… INTP as I could possibly be.

Alas… will let ya’ll know my research findings.

Have a good weekend!



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