The Illustration of the Diversity of the Word — Tropes Thursday


Caution — strong language ahead.

I recently rewatched the Boondock Saints for the millionth time. It’s what happens when you don’t have internet.

And probably my favorite scene is when Rocco, with his six shooter, knocks on the door to assassinate the Russian Mobster, but the Saint’s already did it, with their “stupid fucking rope”

Classic cinema…

But can the word “fuck” really be used as all parts of speech?

I can attest, that in five o’clock traffic… yes. Completely yes.

Or in the kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay’s recipe for an omelette:

“Two fucking eggs, some fucking chives, one fucking knob of fucking butter, and show some fucking PASSION!”

I concur.

I’m not going to lie… for a lady, I can safely say, the “F-Bomb” is my very good friend.

For the longest, though, I didn’t swear in front of my parents.

The first one, I let slip.

And then the torrent unleashed. I guess at that point my family realized I was an adult.

I had one relative, who I’m not particularly fond of, get on to me for saying the “F-Word”

My response:

“Fuck that.”

For the longest time I never said “goddamn”… but I do now. Might have to do with my abdication of religion. It still bother’s S.O.

“Fuck that.”


** Tropes play a large part in life; Merriam Webster defines it as something common place or cliche — but life is cliches. This is a series I am starting as a writing exercise to work on my analytical skills and write for fun. It is meant to be comical and informative. Feedback is always welcome!

3 thoughts on “The Illustration of the Diversity of the Word — Tropes Thursday

  1. Fuck! you swore! 🙂

    My mum is about the only female I know who does not swear, doesn’t even say shit, was probably a shock the first time she heard her teenage kids say fuck, but not as much as they day she her one of them tell her too fuck off.

    I admit as a truck driver I’ve always been good at it, but unless it was a slip of the tongue I did know when not to use such words. My wife obviously knew all the dirty words before we had kids but they definitely come out a lot more these days, she’s worse that I am.

    For a while I had a larger number of old ladies reading my blog and I was hesitant to used anything harder than shit, but these days if they don’t like it they can fuck off 🙂

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