The Government Has Taken An Hour Away from My Life

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I had the worst insomnia all night. Probably because of the time change… or because I was lazy and napped on the couch all day yesterday.

And now that I’ve successfully transitioned to being a morning person, I like my sunlight in the mornings. I loved the past few weeks, where I’d wake up with sunlight peeking through the blinds.

This morning it was just dark. And evidently there’s a coldsnap going on in Florida.

So, dark. Cold.

I was tempted to call and say I was going to be late because I’m only running on like three hours of sleep.

But I trucked through.

Then I get to work and find out my boss has called in.

The irony.

But she also has small children. And evidently small children give no damns about the time change.




5 thoughts on “The Government Has Taken An Hour Away from My Life

  1. I like this time change for you because it brings the prompt back to 11pm 🙂

    As much as I like the extra hour of daylight we have over summer and would rather it went all year the one good thing about changing our clocks again in a few weeks is that the prompt comes in at 10pm. I could be posted and in bed by midnight (although I wont be)

    The biggest annoyance I’ve ever had about daylight savings is when I was driving the truck, near the change over time the day would start dawning at 4:30 and the sun rise at 5am and would severely hamper my second nap for the shift.

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    • I’ve never lived in a place where the sun was fully up before 7 am. Seem strange, in a way. I mean, I like having more sunlight in the evening, but I like it a lot more in the morning. Especially in Florida, where it gets so hot during the summers and you try to do all your errands before it gets too hot.

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      • Sunrise here ranges between 6am and 7:30am (daylight about half an hour earlier) depending on the seasons. I like the extra hour of daylight at the end of the day in summer, doesn’t make much difference in winter, but about 2 weeks either side of the time change period which they have extended to 6 months now sees the day dawning by 5:30 and that just sucks. The kids will go to sleep in daylight but they wont sleep much past the sun rising.

        They say we are in for a hot autumn because we really didn’t have summer, so when the clocks change back about Easter time we are going to end up with any hot days getting hot well before lunch, which does suck a bit.

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        • I guess I’m just used to the hot. Which is hilarious because I’m from Atlanta — where we actually have cold weather and see snow. I guess living in Florida has ruined my cold tolerance. I don’t even own a big jacket — no need. We’re in the middle of a cold front. It’s supposed to dip below freezing on Wednesday for the low, then be almost 90 next week for the high. Kind of glad I haven’t packed up all my winter clothes yet. But I’m super excited about beach weather. We live an hour from the coast and I only went to the beach once last year. If I have my way, I’m going every weekend this summer lol.

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          • This summer we’ve ranged between 19 and 45, some areas of the country even had snow over summer, it’s been a weird three months. Autumn is usually between 20 and 35 but thanks to the change of day light season some of that is early morning heat, then winter we usually go between about 10 and 22. I hate the cold, we only have to travel about 40 mins to get to the snow in winter and I’ve been once in the 30+ years I lived here and that was when I was a kid.

            12 years ago I talked a car dealer into giving me 2 x $600 Subaru ski jackets with a new car I bought and I’ve never worn them because the weather doesn’t get cold enough for them!

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