The Cat Named Sage


So, here’s a picture of happy Harley Cat being all snuggly in my lap… because this post needs a picture of a happy cat.


This is kind of a downer post. Sorry. Also, the story is a bit graphic. Seriously guys, I teared up at work and had the urge to beat a stranger’s face in with a baseball bat. 

I’m not a violent person, I promise.

There is a $47k reward for information on a person who tortured this cat, Sage, who was able to make it home to his family before succumbing.

I made the mistake of reading this story first thing this morning when on /r/news.

So, yeah, don’t read this story. I won’t post a link.

But it got me thinking. What would I do if someone tortured/killed either Harley or Vesper?

Macabre topic, I know. But both of my cats being black (Harley mostly, but she’s a tortie) you hear stories about how superstitious folks torture black cats around Halloween or people do it for fun.

It’s sick. Disgusting.

And the truth is, I don’t know what I’d do.

Logic says, yeah, it’s a cat. It’s life isn’t worth the same as a person’s.

But it says a lot in the scheme of things, where people who never knew this animal, this cat named Sage, but would wish death on a fellow person for the cruelty they inflicted on this kind, domesticated animal.

Is a human’s life worth an animal’s life?

Every creature on this planet serves a purpose. And yes, humans as omnivores, eat meat. I’m not going to beat around the bush. Animals are killed so we can survive. And ethically, these animals should be given the best life possible before they are humanely killed and cleaned.

I remember mentioning this in a comment on another blogger’s page — my dad was a bow hunter. I’ve seen him kill, clean, and process an animal that fed our family for a month.

However, it is different for animals designated as our companions. One of my friends has a pet pig. He loves his little pig. We do eat pigs, but this pig is his companion. Not food. And if anyone killed and ate his pig without permission, he’d be on the warpath for his pig.

Death is different to people when they don’t know the thing or person that died — when it is so far removed from them.

But, because cats are companion animals and they bring fulfillment and joy to people’s lives, there is an emotive response — a human response — to this. In addition, they are considered “lesser”… not in that their life is worth less, but more akin to a child — kind of defenseless, in a way.

Also, there is a direct significant correlation between torturing animals and serial killers. The literature and research is all there.

So, having gone through that logical breakdown of what would happen… if someone did do something unspeakably horrible to my fur babies, or my children (if I had children), they’d better hope the cops find them first.

And that’s all I’m going to say…


And to frame this sad post with something happy, here’s Vesper Cat also being a sweet and lovey lap cat.




5 thoughts on “The Cat Named Sage

  1. I found the story of Sage on Facebook and I was so horrified, that I almost threw up. Honestly? I would do time if I caught the vile, pathetic excuse for a human being who had laid one nasty finger on my pet. Seriously, I would. And people wonder why I prefer animals over people 99% of the time. I hope that Sage’s murderer is brought to justice.

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    • Agreed. And with the reward being up to $50k, someone is bound to come forward. If it was someone I knew, just for the fact they’d do that to an animal, I’d narc on them in a heartbeat, regardless of a reward.

      I do prefer my cats over people… This past Sunday I had an invite to go to dinner with some friends. I opted to stay in with my cats. Also, I was already in my pajamas. Well… never got out of my pajamas that day.

      When I got home from work after reading about Sage, I snuggled Harley and Vesper and told them they were good girls and that I loved them, and if anyone ever hurt them they better hope the cops find them first. I’m sure I’d go to jail, but then again, I’d probably have my bail and legal fees paid for by other animal lovers out there lol. Then I spoiled both of them rotten with tuna, nip, and yogurt and snuggles.

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