The Crazy Cat Lady Business Idea Mental Exercise Thingy…


I’ve been wanting to start my own business and be my own boss for a while now. Partially, because I don’t feel like employers see my potential and the idea of a future in office cublivion makes me die inside.

But, I’ve had to do some serious introspection on what I’d be good at. I was thinking about starting my own research consulting business. I’m a research nerd and I love data. Studying statistics and research methodology has been such an eye opener. I now question every data source I see and unless there is peer-reviewed research to back up something, I know to be leery of it. And I like doing that sort of stuff. But with research consulting, I always feel like there is someone better than I am out there. Not that I need to be the best at something, but I worry that I might flake.

However, business models are something I find super interesting — when I worked for construction contractor I learned a lot about business and how to price jobs to ensure everyone gets paid, materials are covered, schedules are accounted for, and the business makes a profit.

I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

So, over the last two days (kind of inspired by The Cat Named Sage), I’ve been researching cat cafes.

The first one in Florida is supposed to open up soon in Orlando.

Why not here?

There’s a sizable population from state workers and college students at FSU. We have a decent population from two medical facilities and we are right off the interstate. I mean, in a smaller town, I don’t think it will work. A lot of the people here rent, especially students… or they live in the dorms. This would be a good place for them to come and get their feline fix and do some studying.

Then it’s location — what are the needs. The location has to fit the needs. Will the land lord allow animals? Then there is permitting and fees. Obviously there are going to be some construction costs — but, I can always ask my dad who is a whiz at that sort of thing; the food prep area MUST be separate from the cat area. There needs to be a cat “back room” where their litter boxes are and kennels.

Hours need to be set — some places do food all day, but only allow certain number of people into the cat area by appointment or during certain times of the day. Then adoptions happen after hours because they can be stressful on the cats.

What kinds of foods are going to be served — just coffee or bakery items? A lot of those things can be made at home and brought. Maybe fruit? Other beverages?


Then it comes to making partnerships with local animal shelters. The success of the cat cafe is not only measured in how well your business is doing financially, but how many cats are being adopted. Crumbs & Whiskers have successfully helped over 250 cats get adopted. 

I like these kinds of thought exercises… because it all seems like an awesome idea, but there is the elephant in the room —  money.

Some places I read about did crowd funding, but not very successfully and had to pull out of their personal savings.

How would the budget work?

There’s a lot that goes into starting a business. Right now it kind of seems like a pipe dream. But it’s a fun thought exercise.



13 thoughts on “The Crazy Cat Lady Business Idea Mental Exercise Thingy…

  1. I tell you now…if I lived on your side of the pond, this is a venture that I would love to join you on! I hope it comes to fruition. I’ve been to a cat cafe in London with a friend and we had such a lovely time. I think they generally just served hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and cakes.

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  2. I’ve been self employed for more than 20 years (as well as holding down other jobs) and the idea is great but it’s easy to get lazy when things are slow and you don’t have anyone there to kick you up the butt. I’m always looking for new business ventures but I’m a lot more selective these days with what I give thought time too.

    When I was selling computers as the main business whether it was to home users or businesses I loved doing the whole quote process, working out what they needed, the best parts, the budget etc more than I like building and installing the darn things. It’s a weird thing to only wanting to do all the work up to the bit just before a customer gets to pay you.

    I don’t think we have cat cafe’s here but one thing I do know is if you add the word cafe to anything in this country you’re instantly working harder than anyone else. I’ve known a few cafe owners in my time and none of them have lasted more than 10 years in business, some less than 5 because of the demanding work it is.

    One thing that I’ve always agreed with when it comes to running a business and dealing with customers is the words of Randal Graves on the movie Clerks “This job would be great if it wasn’t for the customers,” Damn that’s true when you see some of the people who walk in the door of a shop.

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    • Having been in and out of customer service over the past 10 years, I can completely agree with you. I’ve done retail, I’ve done call center… people are crazy. I worked night shift for DirecTV customer service and got all the weirdos calling in to order pornos, when there is an on demand service and you can order it with your remote. They wanted us to read the titles to them. Creeps.

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      • I hated call centre work, I did support for an internet provider, working 12 hour night shifts in the truck was a dream job compared to that 🙂

        Actually those sort of creeps sound like some of the truck drivers I used to work with. One guy used to try and sell his work mates porn tapes of him and his wife.

        Hmmmm I think I’ll change my statement, it’s not the customers that are bad, it’s the people I’ve worked with. I’m moving to the South pole to work with myself!!

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        • You sound like me — it’s just everybody lol. I guess because I’m pretty well an introvert, I’m okay with the idea of being stuck on a deserted island with food — I’m meh on the internet front. I’d be too busy working on surviving. I wouldn’t mind a few books washing ashore now and then, though…

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          • I’ve always agreed that I’m perfect and it’s the rest of the world that has a problem 🙂

            The solitude, the hours alone in the cabin of the truck was something that really attracted me to driving, even driving permanent night shift. I got to see a few customers to stop me going completely loopy, but of the 12 hours I could spent 80% of it by myself. Unfortunately that alone time did make it difficult to come back out of my shell when I stopped driving truck and my family life suffered a bit, but that was mainly because those around me didn’t understand….even I didn’t understand.

            Still the solitude of the road is something that keeps tugging at me, I just can’t physically do it these days because of injury.

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          • Understandably.

            That’s one of the things I really liked about my last job. I was a vendor and would go into stores and set up merchandise. When customers had questions I would explain I dont work there and find an associate. A lot of it was OCD work and organization — that’s stuff I can zen out doing. Now, if there is ever a project in our office that entails organizing or anything visual (background in graphic design, but not enough experience to make a living) I’m the first to volunteer.


          • One of the worst things about delivering bread was that we were the customer service reps. If we were in stores when thy were open shoppers would always bitch and moan to us about what was wrong with bread like we were the ones that made it. We were all contractors, we didn’t even work for the company that made it but we copped all the complaints.

            Web Design and graphics doesn’t do much for me these days, too many people are scared to spend money on things like web pages for their business.

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          • Agreed. Especially when you can learn most everything about web design and graphic design online. I’ve taught myself most of the stuff I know and anything I don’t know but need to know, I can learn online. Although, I do know someone who has a very successful graphic design and marketing business. As for customer reps, we would have more complaints with our partner stores than they would with us. Whether it was space issues, them moving our stuff without permission, being in our backstock without permission. But there were perks — like making your own schedule. That was nice.

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          • I used to do a lot of graphics for bands it was good work, web design for me was really just a continuation of the graphic design. I like doing it but 20 years ago I could afford to be out 5 nights a week chasing bands and work, these days family life and moving away from the city means I don’t want to live that lifestyle any more.

            We used to have territory wars, there was one bread delivery guy who used to throw the competitors bread out the store, he was funny 🙂 My perks were free bread products, pretty much anything you could buy in a bakery was free for us. We’d also trade bread with other drivers for things like milk meat and beer.

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