The New Dermatologist


I went to see my new dermatologist yesterday.

And it was just about as awkward as going to the gyno. Seriously.

I still had to strip down while he checked every inch of my skin for cancer and weirdness while a bored nurse/PA/MA… whatever she was… looked on.

But, I’m comforted in knowing my dermatologist believes all of my horrible skin issues are genetic and in spite of said horrible genetic skin issues, I have an A+ skin care regiment.


But, he was adamant — you will be red, and you will be moley forever. Because genetics.

Also, no scary moles!

I was concerned about that because I was a child of the 80’s and I was sunburnt a lot as a kid. When I was diagnosed with rosacea at 17, I just avoided the sun altogether.

Probably why I’m Vitamin D deficient.

He gave me a huge block of information and instructions for scary moles — it’s not that they’re weird looking, but how fast they change. If they start changing like crazy over the course of a month, it’s probably el cancer.


I will admit, all the Dr. Pimple Popper (aka Dr. Sandra Lee) videos on youtube left much to be expected from my visit. But, she’s just awesome.



9 thoughts on “The New Dermatologist

  1. I wouldn’t be too worried about a Vitamin D deficiency. They keep saying we live in the “sunny country” (well we can see the sun sometimes) and apparently the entire country has a Vit D deficiency yet very few people know about it, need treatment for it, or even get diagnosed….oh but the media think it’s a huge deal and current affairs programs constantly do stories on it.

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