The Confused Girl — Why Do People Feel the Need to Talk on the Phone All the Time


We live in a time of connectedness that has never been experienced by any other time in the history of humanity. We can connect with people continents away, in different time zones… hell… not even on our planet (ISS). It is a privilege to be able to harness the power of technology and communicate with people as we do now… to communicate by voice, photograph, or video across vast distances.

But… I’m an introvert.

I already have to talk on the phone all day for work.

On my off times, I don’t feel the need to be in constant communication with people. Sometimes, I’m secretly glad when my phone runs out of air time and I’m without a phone for four or five days until I’m able to refill service. Sometimes, I don’t check my mail for weeks at a time. Same with email.

I don’t even have my voicemail set up.

I like communicating through text though. S.O. and I communicate more through text than talk when we’re not together.

So this begs the question… why do people need to talk on the phone all the time?

Hear me out — one of my coworkers is literally either on the phone for work or talking to someone on her cell phone all the time. From the time she comes in, to the time she’s leaving.

Aren’t you going to run out of things to talk about?

I know I will.

I had a roommate in undergrad, when I was living in the dorms, that from the second she got in from classes she was on the phone to the minute she went to sleep.

Literal phone conversation between me and S.O.:

Me: How was your day?

Him: It sucked. I was in court all day.

Me: Ugh. That sucks.

Him: How was your day?

Me: I talked on the phone all day.

Him: Okay.

I mean, we share funny shit on FB and have long talks when we’re together. But I just can’t stand talking on the phone to people. We text a good bit. I mean, I’d rather talk in text because I can think about what I’m going to say before I say it.

Maybe it’s a me thing.

I mean, at that rate aren’t you going to get brain cancer or something from your cell phone?

Yeah… probably a me thing.




13 thoughts on “The Confused Girl — Why Do People Feel the Need to Talk on the Phone All the Time

  1. Damn I like you girl!

    I hate the bloody phone. I ignore mine whenever I can, I am so glad they invented caller ID because if we don’t recognise the number on the home phone we let it got to the answering machine. If I don’t recognise it on the mobile I ignore it until they’ve rung at least three times. I ignore text’s for hours if I can and they are always brief when I do answer them. I do have email open all day and although I don’t get much these days (even spammers hate me lately) I’d much rather talk via email than other forms. I have had email friendships that have lasted 20 years, some of them I’ve never met in person.


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    • Aww… thanks!

      Yeah… I don’t answer numbers I don’t know on my personal phone. Work is a different story. But the only folks who have my personal work line are my doctors (b/c I have no cell service in my building) and family. But I just really despise talking on the phone. I mean, if anyone really wants to reach me, they can text me, FB message, or beat on my door if they know where I live.

      But then again, I’m one of those people that would be content living in the middle of nowhere… with my nearest neighbor being 10 miles away and having a dedicated internet connection to work from home.

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      • Most people who call us at home now are telemarketers selling crap like solar panels or scammers saying they are from Microsoft and we have a virus. (I am guilty of playing with those people sometimes).

        I’d invite you to live in the cave next door to me but that would defeat the purpose of having a cave 🙂

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        • Caves are a little scary, I will admit. I’m thinking nice log cabin in the mountains of Wyoming… where snow actually happens. I see all these videos with people living out in the boonies, completely self sufficient — they grow gardens, have apiaries, can veggies, kill and clean their own meat, generate their own power from solar, etc…

          Part of me thinks that is absolutely amazing and I would love to do it… but the lazy part of me doesn’t want to do it.

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          • My cave has the mod cons, I need email to talk to people 🙂

            We’ve done the whole hunt and kill thing, not as our only means of food but living in the country for years we’ve done everything from chasing rabbits on foot as kids to fishing to raising cows. It’s a lot of work, I’m going to use my email to get cave delivered pizza too.

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          • … I miss pizza lol.

            Every place I’ve lived has been near a body of water, so we were always fishing. We still do a lot of fishing (with my dad and aunt). We’ve essentially always had fresh fish. And one of the perks of living in Georgia growing up is that if you didn’t hunt, you know someone who does and they’re looking to give away or sell some deer meat.

            Luckily, my folks exposed us to a lot of different foods since childhood. We aren’t picky eaters — well, I don’t like mayonnaise or bleu cheese. But my brother and I grew up slurping down raw oysters and eating tons of fish and deer.

            Some people are grossed out by it, because the meat didn’t come from a supermarket, but it is definitely satisfying working for your meal.

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          • I hated fish as a kid but I realised when I left home it was because of the way mum cooked it not the fish itself. I used to be a keen fisherman but family trumps fishing now.

            I like venison, but it’s nearly twice the price of beef and pork etc. Considering we have more lamb per capita than nearly every other country you think we’d get lamb cheap too but that’s nearly double the price of chicken. Friend of ours raised venison for a few years. I also like kangaroo (which is available in stores) crocodile and water buffalo.

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          • We don’t have any form of paid TV service we have about 12 free to air channels which get a mix of local and international stuff. But one channel they market towards blokes get a lot of the American reality(?) shows like hunting gators, the pawn shop ones, the pickers and the hot rod car builders. We watch TV every night but I wont ever pay for it.

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          • I can’t remember the last time I watched a DVD but we have about 600 of them. We don’t do Netflix or any of those either. The kids see some of the newly released movies but we tend to wait for the ones we want to see.

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