The Keto Diaries — Cheese stuffed EVERYTHING with Bacon on Top


Well hello, fine people!

Going to pause Tropes Thursday because I just haven’t had any inspiration and feeling a little on the crappy side — mostly allergies.

I did get my new night guard from the special TMJ dentist and I actually prefer the night guard to my own teeth.

Weird, huh?

I wore it all last night after getting home from work, while playing Oblivion. According to S.O. I MUST play Oblivion before Skyrim. Even though it was made in 2006, it is still absolutely friggin gorgeous.


Four hours of xboxing later, and I love my new mouth guard.

So, still kind of plateaued with my keto journey — I’m blaming PMS this week. Fun times.

But I have a new favorite, easy thing that I love.

Deconstructed burgers.

I usually buy ground turkey, but I splurged on beef. What I did, was I cooked up some bacon — because bacon is amazing. Then I made my burgers, with egg and pork rinds to hold it together. Stuffed a cube of cheese in there; I used Vermont cheddar. And then I cooked those suckers in the bacon fat.

Decadently artery clogging, right!

But, very keto friendly — and if you follow keto right, not so much with the artery clogging.

I fried an egg and threw it on top.

Ate on a bed of kale with some tomato slices.

Like 5 net carbs — mostly because tomato and kale. But you gotta have fiber! Because pooping is awesome!

I might throw on some sauteed mushrooms next time.

I’ve been doing a lot of medical research on the keto lifestyle and how your body processes glucose versus ketones. Did you know that a keto diet is recommended for people who have epilepsy because ketones are better fuel source for the brain?

Awesome right!

Also, and this is mostly anecdotal (I asked on reddit), but keto really helps people with their emotional and mental wellbeing. Lots of people who are on SSRI’s and other antipsychotics show improvement on this diet. I’m really digging it because in spite of my SSRI making my sex drive like -13, I can feel it picking back up.





7 thoughts on “The Keto Diaries — Cheese stuffed EVERYTHING with Bacon on Top

    • Sure, but by the time you get it it will be cold and gross!

      Actually, a lot of the games I’m playing are older. I am behind on systems anyways — I’ve never had a new gen system until about two weeks ago when I got an xbox one — only to play the new Mass Effect, which I heard sucks bad. Shame. But I still love old N64 games and play more games on my xbox 360. When it comes to PC games, same here. I love me some Oregon Trail or Sim City.

      When it comes to gaming, the newer stuff gives me bad sticker shock. For instance, I am a die hard Mass Effect fan and I loved the original trilogy. In fact, I got the box set on amazon for like $25. But the DLC’s are roughly $15/piece. They don’t depreciate in price like disc games and it is pretty infuriating.


      • Crispy bacon is ok cold 🙂

        My gaming is pretty much all PC we have Mario Kart races on the DS’s with the kids and we have a few older gaming systems the kids play but I’ve always been a PC person and for so long PC’s out shone gaming consoles so that’s what I played.

        I started out with first person shooters like Wolfenstien but I quickly moved on to pinball machines and simulators. Now I am just reliving the old glory of those games I bought 20 years ago and see what works and what doesn’t. My next time waster will be the Tex Murphy series.

        Liked by 1 person

        • This conversation makes me really miss my SNES and N64 — Perfect Dark, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, Mario Kart, Yoshi’s Island.

          S.O. and I went to the used game store this past weekend and it was amazing. Unfortunately I was in a bind and had to sell both those old systems.

          But yeah, disgruntled by the xbox one. I’m internetless at my house right now and I was told that you can play xbox games without internet if you have a disk. This is what Microsoft said.

          They lied. I got the new Tomb Raider (been a fan since 1996), and because it was rated M, it required an online sign in to play in order to verify age.

          Stupidest thing ever.


          • We have a SNES here somewhere I think, but the kids love the PS2 and the N64. They play Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, Bubble Booble, Busta Move and the youngest plays Dora and Deigo when she gets a chance by herself.

            Other than Candy Crush which I use as a time waster on my phone I don’t play any internet connected games. I will download add ons and stuff but I gave up ‘online’ gaming when they changed Warcraft to WOW. for me that ruined the game. Maybe that says more about me and not wanting to be friendly 🙂

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