The Keto Diaries — First Scale Victory

I talk a lot about going keto and completely overhauling the way I live and eat.

But I dont get into the “why” of it.

Guys, my ass is fat.

And not just a vanity kind of fat, but detrimental to my health fat.

Two years ago, I went to the eye doctor to get some new spectacles. And this wasn’t my first rodeo. But he kept shining the light in my eyes far longer than I’m used to and finally I asked what’s wrong.

“Do you get migraines?”

“Sensitive to light?”

Yes and yes.

“Your optical nerve is swollen.”

Idiopathic Intercranial Hypertension.

Essentially my fatness was putting pressure on my spine, pushing cerebral spinal fluid in my brain and increasing pressure.

I’d done the standard western diet of whole grains, low fat, veggies and fruits. Plenty of exercise.


Around the same time I got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism.

Which is why I couldn’t lose weight.

Fast forward a year and a half after medical management of my bum thyroid — my levels are perfect and this is when I decided to start keto.

Seven weeks later I’m down 18 lbs and this is the first time in five years the scale said I was under 250.

So much happiness.

Now I’m going to go eat a pound of bacon 🙂



4 thoughts on “The Keto Diaries — First Scale Victory

  1. There is heaps more to life than a fat donkey 🙂
    There is heaps more to a person that a fat ARSE! 🙂

    It’s all in the way it’s distributed instead of losing weight just grow a few inches 🙂 Sure like me you might then get comments like “I didn’t think they could stack shit that high,” but I don’t look as fat as a short person 🙂

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    • I typed out a reply yesterday on my phone, but it doesn’t look like it went through…

      You can do it on a shoe string budget, but lets face it, carbs are cheaper. Cereal, mac n cheese, potatoes.

      I have steak only on special occasions… but I do look for good deals on meat. Winn Dixie always seems to have awesome deals on meat. I can get a six pack of chicken thighs for $3-$4 or some pork for $5ish. Trader Joes has the best price on ground turkey at a little under $3 a lb. Also I tend to buy a lot of frozen veggies like spinach or green beans. I eat an obscene amount of canned tuna and bacon (not so cheap, but it makes me happy lol). Lots of kale — a large bag can last a week for me and it’s only like $2 at Winn Dixie. There’s some stuff I get a Walmart that I know is cheaper like coffee, tea, condiments, etc.

      Mostly, it’s shopping around for good sales. I’ve got a pretty solid routine — get everything on my list cheap at Winn Dixie — if you’ve got a card, you’re gold. With the card, I can save on average $20/trip. Go to Walmart for things cheaper there — also get my cleaning supplies and household things there. Then Trader Joes for specialty things.


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