The Fact I’m Standing at the Fax Machine Offends People



It’s been a long week.

It’s only Wednesday.

I’m over this work drama thing.

I got told today, by one of my coworkers, that the two other problematic coworkers were tracking my comings and goings.

I can’t make this shit up.

Evidently they are trying to catch me going over my breaks.

See… we work in a little bento box of offices separate from the rest of our division because that how the space issues work out.

I have lots of things I have to do, like mailing stuff, filling orders, getting supplies and educational materials, talking to other folks about work related things, going pee (I drink a lot of coffee and water), and other things requiring me to walk out the door to our little bento box,  least of all taking my two daily allotted breaks — these two problematic coworkers think I’m “taking too many breaks” or “getting up too much.”

Every time I walk to the fax machine, one of the problematic coworkers slams her door when she sees me there. She’s actually papered up her door so her person is not visible from the fax machine.

Again, I can’t make this shit up.

In addition, they are tracking my workload to make sure I’m doing my job. Which our system doesn’t work that way and they are full of shit as the day is long. But evidently the newer problematic coworker “figured it out.”

Dude… I just sit in my office and do my job. And I fucking do my job well. I keep my door closed. I’m polite to everyone. At our last staff meeting, one of them brought up how “you don’t do that many cases” and “I found this case that you did this wrong on.”

Okay. Bring it to my attention and I will fix it. Instead she sent it to my other other coworker who sent it to me and said fix it.

And I fixed it.

I am the first one to admit I fucked up and offer to fix it — in my mind, it makes sense. If I didn’t fuck up, then I didn’t fuck up and I won’t take responsibility for it. I catch everyone else’s fuck ups all the time and instead of calling them out at a staff meeting, If it’s not something easily overlooked or will take me longer to fix it than telling the person — I will email the person and CC my supervisor. Not call someone out on a supposed mistake that happened a month ago that you cannot produce documentation I made said mistake. And if you had, I would have probably said “Shit. I’m sorry. Let me fix that. Email me the details.”

I don’t need this shit.

How about, instead of keeping track of what I’m doing, do your own job.

And it’s not just me, either.

The coworker who filled me in on this fuckshit cunthattery is being “tracked” too. She had to take a personal call related to a custody hearing for her son — serious business — and had to step outside. One of the problematic coworkers said, “I thought you just took your break and you’re taking another one.”

This is so fucking stupid.

And maybe a little racist — their part, not mine. I don’t care what color you are. Shitty person = shitty person.

And what makes it even more laughable and fucking stupid is that both are very outspokenly religious, and ya’ll know how I feel about that. 

I’ve been treated the worst in my life by people who are extremely outspokenly religious.

I can’t today.

Also hormones because my body hates me.

I know this sounds weird — but my theory behind it all is that because we all are female and work in the same office space and use the same bathrooms all our cycles have synced up and all this fuckshit cunthattery happens when everyone is on their period and the ability to handle work stress with poise and rationality has gone down the drain.

I hate working with other women.





11 thoughts on “The Fact I’m Standing at the Fax Machine Offends People

  1. This is why I don’t work well in an office in environment, I just don’t sync with the other girls 🙂

    No honestly it’s because I couldn’t put up with that shit, if I couldn’t stop it I’d make a point of it. Cover my own arse and make sure all my work is done but deliberately walk away from my desk whenever I could, only get half a glass of water each time so I have to go back more, stand at the fax machine like I am lost and generally make it look like I’m doing everything they expect.

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    • LOL! I pretty much do that already. Sitting for long periods kills my back so I look for reasons to get up and move around. But yeah, my work is impeccable and if that’s all they got then whatever. I just thought it was hilarious they are building a case against me instead of doing their own work.

      But yeah… I hate working with other women in an office setting.

      Call me a misogynist. haha.

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      • In my first job for the local council I had a woman who started out ok towards me but then turned. I was outside a lot, doing surveys as I was suppose to do, but when I was in the office my desk was next to hers and after 6 months she started getting narky with me, causing me trouble and telling the boss I wasn’t working. it took a few months to work out, she was making my life hard because my brother started dating a girl he worked with. That girl’s mother is a fruit cake (disowned all her kids when they turned 18 and stopped being her slaves) but she was Girl Guides leader and the woman I worked with knew her from there. When they both worked out the connection the stupid woman I worked with decided to make my life hell.

        I spent years at school having teachers tell me I would be trouble like my brother, then I get into the working world and my first job has a stupid cow causing me trouble because the girl my brother was dating had a mother who resented her and I worked with her only friend

        Not sure who got the last laugh there, my brother and said girl have been together more than 20 years and the grumpy old hag hasn’t ever had a relationship with her grand kids, but I’ve spent 20 years in on again off again fights with my sister in law 🙂

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        • I do have to say, that is one of the stupidest reasons to make a coworker’s life hell.

          That woman needed professional help — her cheese seemed to have slid off her cracker.

          But yeah, the two I’m dealing with — one seems incompetent and the other seems to be having some sort of mental/emotional breakdown induced paranoia/mania (the one that papered up her door so she can’t be viewed from the fax machine… I’ll have to get a picture lol).

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          • People are strange creatures 🙂

            Not sure how worker rights happen over there but we have Unions that are suppose to fight for workers rights. I disagree with them because I think most of them are about making money for themselves and not helping workers (but that’s a personal opinion) However when things really got difficult at the council I made friends with the Union boss, never joined the union but because they can’t stop a worker talking to a Union head and they could never asked what was being talked about they couldn’t stop the two of us chatting in the office. Things changed quite a bit after that. 🙂

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  2. For the first time in my adult life I’m working in an office that is predominantly female. And not by a little bit either. I have never before worked in such a toxic environment and that includes two tours to Afghanistan and one to Iraq were people were actively trying to kill me.

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    • Wow. That’s impressive.

      You know, one of my theories about females in the workplace is that it’s not the “patriarchy” keeping women “down”, it’s other women. It’s the bullying, the jealousy, the backbiting, the personalization and internalization of every little thing, until the simple act of standing at the fax machine, faxing your faxes, is offensive to someone.

      It’s patently absurd.

      Thanks for chiming in! Your comment definitely puts this into perspective.

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      • I believe that. There’s a female gun enthusiast who recently posted a rant on instagram. Whenever she posts photos/videos of her training the majority of the male population is supportive. It’s the females that tear her down, claiming she’s only doing it for male attention, criticizing her clothing, body, etc. When I was a kid, it always struck me as funny that men’s magazines (this has changed in recent years) like GQ would have a woman on the cover but women’s magazines like Cosmo wouldn’t have a man, they’d have a woman. A lot of the body shaming, etc. and pressure to be “better” come from other women, not men. Heck, just listen to the beginning of Sir Mix-a-lot’s classic!

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        • LOL. Exactly. I follow two female hunters on FB (who are extremely beautiful) and, like you said, men are so supportive, but women tear them down. NOT only because they hunt and kill animals, but random things. For instance, one is a cheerleader in university and they tear her apart for that saying she’s stupid or vapid. One was hunting whilst pregnant, and OH LORD the criticism that brought on. Everything from their hair, to their clothes… fair game. And it was absurd.

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