The Crapsack World — Tropes Thursday


Bring on the existential dread for this one.

What I’ve read about the crapsack world is that you can only really see how bad it is when taking an outside perspective instead of being directly immersed and in the moment.

And I’ve felt that way all week.

I took a step back and allowed for some introspection, and we truly live in a crapsack world.

On a Macro level, we’re totally outraged about corrupt politicians until one of the Kardashians shows her twat and then everybody forgets. We don’t care about people dying overseas from warfare and starvation. We don’t care about females in the third world, who have real and actual problems arising out of true sexism including being denied education, forced marriage, FGM,… but we are worried about a man having his legs slightly open on the subway so as to not crush his testicles. There are more negative things publicized than positive things because positive things don’t sell. Drug companies would rather treat a disease than cure it, because profit. People being executed for believing differently than someone else.

And I could go on with all the fucked up, large scale things in this world.

But we know they exist.

On a micro level, I’m probably going to be stuck working with a bunch of bitches at a job I moderately like making just enough money to get by for the rest of my life.

And that thought is bleak…

But people are still try to be positive through all this crap. Without a little bit of positivity, we wouldn’t know how shitty everything is. It would just be. Without evil, there wouldn’t be any good. Without dark, no light.

It’s all about perception.

So, through all this, I will try to be positive. Because at the end of the day, that’s all I have to keep this truly cliche soul crushing negativity from overwhelming me.

It’s difficult, though, when those positive things are fleeting. You have to appreciate them for what they are when they happen, but when it changes, move on and try to find that happy thing again.




2 thoughts on “The Crapsack World — Tropes Thursday

  1. It’s so true. Good things are almost always a short lived thing, while negativity lasts so long. I think for every hopeful thing that happens for me, 5 or 6 non hopeful things happen. Maybe that is why I am so bitter. Because really, I see things for how they are.

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  2. Totally agree with what your saying. It’s always easier to complain about things than fix them and everyone for the highest governments and corporations to the people who make up society do it.

    Recent proof for me that people always want to take the negative and not look for the positive was the recent prompt for criticism. more than 3/4’s of the responses were negative, either people talking about how they’ve been criticised or how bad it was someone did it to them. Just because the word has negative connotations doesn’t mean people should always look at the negative. If more people tried to put a positive spin on things there would be more happy people in this world.

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