The 1,000,000th Replay of the Mass Effect Series


I’m not feeling as terrible today and managed to make it into work. Yay!

During my unscheduled day off filled with cramping, Buffy binge, and heating pads, I got a little bored with Oblivion and decided to start another Mass Effect campaign.

And even though the game is 10 years old, it is still engaging and beautiful.

The start of the game, with the little bits of dialogue between Joker and Kaiden, the action of the first mission, and exploring the Citadel — it just sucks you in. And that’s what I love about games like that.

And there’s the always wacky elevator loading scenes, complete with Muzak.

I was playing Alien: Isolation and it just sucked me in… until I got mauled by the alien and spent 20 minutes hiding in a locker.

I’ve been hesitant to comment on Mass Effect: Andromeda because I haven’t purchased it yet (rent and groceries are more important). And what I’ve seen so far isn’t promising. Yeah, Bioware patched the weird dead eyes, but I’ve heard that it just doesn’t suck you in. The plot picks up later, though. I’ve watched the first bit of gameplay and it just didn’t speak to me.

It wasn’t Joker talking about how he doesn’t “like that guy.” And the mystery — the beacon, the Citadel, Eden Prime, Saren… Just the nostalgia!

And after the first couple of stills and videos released, the visuals did not live up to the hype. The visuals first given were beautiful — expected from a game made in 2016, that had five years to be honed and fine tuned. But

For instance, first look at the Asari character:


What we got in the game:


I mean, aside from the shoddy visuals, it’s supposed to be a good game. I think a lot of the negative publicity is because of the media embargo — nature abhors a void. It’s like they were wanting the game to fail and were ready to point out all the negative things.

But from what I understand, the combat is fun and the bugs that don’t break the game are fun to laugh at.

I’ll probably pick it up when I can find a used copy at the retro game store.




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