The Knee Length Dress Plan

I heard down the grape vine that the dress I wore today, that I’ve worn to work several times, caused whispers and ire among the bitches.

This dress… it’s knee length, black, and shows no cleavage whatsoever.It is sleeveless, but I wore a cardigan. Eventually, I had to take the cardigan off because I got hot, but it is still very tasteful. Paired with sensible black flats.

I got a compliment on how I looked in the dress, and was told I looked like I’d lost some weight. Yes!

That’s the whole reason why I’m doing keto.

I’d walked out to go on break. Later, I’d found out that the two office bitches were making with snide remarks.

You know what this means, right!

Knee length dresses ALL WEEK!

And, I might put on makeup! Eyeliner!

Oh, how scandalous!

The sight of my lily white calves with my shoulders!

Oh my!

The outrage!

But, in all honesty, this is the stupidest fucking thing ever.

Also, that they are trying to “track my caseload.”

This happened on Friday after my near death experience. The magical thing is that I work out of a queue. When I finish a case, it leaves said queue.

So, when there’s nothing in the queue, it means I already did them all.




And when I finish with that caseload, I have a whole other caseload in addition to inventory tracking and filling orders for educational materials.



This makes me wonder if they actually have enough work to do, if they have enough time to fully investigate what I’m doing.

The whole time writing this, I had that song from Easy A, the one where Olive debuts her new look, in my head.


Now I have to watch it again.



23 thoughts on “The Knee Length Dress Plan

    • Of course. I think it was the complement — you look like you’ve lost weight.

      It’s like (not to sound like a complete narcissist), yes. I’m actively trying to lose weight. Yes, I’m young. And yes, I’m not bitter and hateful.

      Why are you obsessed with me? Is your own life so benal and purposeless that you need to bring other’s, who are trying to better themselves, down?

      I know that statement makes me sound like a pompous ass, but I’ve gone through every other scenario in my head and that is the most likely. I’ve been nothing but kind and polite to those women. They just HAVE to have someone in their life to be at war with.

      I don’t have time for that. I’m here to do a job and get paid. And I do my job well. And I like what I do. But, this female clique office politics thing is beyond me.

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  1. you do you!! I call them “Drama Mamas”. My Drama Mamas were gossiping that I was sick, that’s why I lost so much weight. They finally came around this week asking. I told them I was doing keto and when they realized I gave up tortillas (we’re all Mexican) they were shocked at how I could do that. “I was finally tired of tortillas making me fat t so I did something about it”. They’re all chunky and yes, it was a dig at them. They gasped and the conversation ended. LOL

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