The Lifetime of War


Feeling a bit better after my whole airway closing on Friday and subsequent panic attack from said airway closing.

I’m now a dyed in the wool agoraphobe — which is terrible because it’s absolutely beautiful and amazing outside.

I got invited over to Besty’s and her boyfriend (who I still haven’t come up with a good pseudonym) last night. And he was talking about the US strategically bombing Syria and how the liberals were losing their minds. His rationale was that Obama, while in office, had done more even more bombing and counterattacks, but at that time it was a good war. Now it’s a bad war with such a disliked and divisive leader at the helm.

He thinks this started WWIII.

But there was never a time in my life we weren’t at war of some sort. I thought about it. What’s crazy, is that the new “young people”… they don’t know what it was like to live through 9/11. My grandma likened it to when Kennedy was assassinated.

I remember exactly where I was and who told me. I was in 8th grade at the time. I was in the field at PE, and my teacher pulled us over. Went to math, got put on lock down. Ms. Meredith then told us that it was probably the Middle East and/or Bin Laden. I got home. My brother had slept all day and I told him when he woke up. We watched the news for the rest of the evening until mom and dad got home. The next day was really tense. Because I grew up close to Atlanta, we were worried something might happen to the CDC, the airport, etc… it was crazy.

But then I remember when I was even younger the Gulf War.

And before I was born there was the hostage situation in Iran in the late 70’s, early 80’s.

In the history books, we will look back, and say that’s when it started. When those hostages were taken in Iran.

We’ve been at war for almost 40 years.

More than my entire lifetime.

And it’s sad.



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