The Keto Diaries — Reclaimed Jeans


Last night, I was perusing through my closet looking for work appropriate outfits in the hopes it will annoy the two work bitches to distraction.

I decided to open my vacuum bags of old clothes I couldn’t fit into anymore, but didn’t want to part with.

I have reclaimed two pairs of jeans. Yes, two. Fit over my butt, buttoned and zipped. Haven’t been able to wear them in five years.

It’s like I have BRAND NEW BLUE JEANS!!!

Without having to spend money!

So, I’ve been doing this unintentional intermittent fasting. Essentially, have dinner the night before, bullet proof coffee (BPC), in the morning and dinner. Last night I made some chicken filets with stir fried asparagus and cauli.

Bullet Proof Coffee

  • 2 tbs unsalted butter
  • 2 tbs medium chain triglyceride oil (MTC oil — like coconut oil… which is what I use)
  • Sweetener of choice — I’m obsessed with Truvia’s baking blend. It’s got an inconsequential amount of sugar, but it also doesn’t taste like chemicals, death, and sadness
  • Splash of unsweetened almond milk or heavy whipping cream (HWC)
  • Coffee

I blend in my bullet until everything is emulsified and drink. Other folks add sugar free syrups to flavor like pepperment or vanilla. I might pick some up this weekend. Sometimes I put in unsweetened cocoa powder for some extra fiber

My BPC recipe has exactly:

  • 50.8g Fat
  • 7.6g Carb, 4.2 of which is fiber, netting 3.4 carbs per serving
  • 2.2 grams of protein
  • 511 calories

And I’ve been using it as a meal replacement. It keeps me going; I feel mentally sharp and just all around good.

And it moisturizes my lips šŸ™‚

And when I cooked and ate them, I wasn’t super hungry. I knew I needed to eat. So I did.

In keto vernacular, this means I’m “fat adapted”… essentially, I’m running on my own fat for energy.

Evidently runners do this… those that don’t carb load. They put their body into ketosis before a marathon, and avoid sugar crashes and such.

It’s a bunch of sciency and metabolic stuff.

I’ve been netting under 20 carbs per day and staying around 1700ish calories per day. I tend to be a grazer on the weekend, so I tend to go over 1700 calories.

Down 21lbs and a few inches everywhere.

My goal is to lose a full 100 lbs before my 30th birthday in October.

Also going to my doctor about allergies on Friday. I’m debating on telling her about keto, lest she advise me against it.



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