The Monday Grind

Well, I’m back at it after being “sick”.

Honestly, I didn’t feel sickly. I mean, I felt really crappy. Which I have for the last three weeks because of what I thought were seasonal allergies, and not this stupid sinus infection.

So, three days of rest, boredom, and spending time with S.O.

We painted Warhammer Models. Played video games.


Watched movies.

I was pretty stoked when I found House of 1000 Corpses in the $5 bin at Walmart.

Rob Zombie is a guilty pleasure for me.

But since I’ve been internet-less, my movie collection had outgrown it’s current shelf. I had to put together a new shelf — I hate the paper/cardboard backings provided, so I used some leftover fabric.

And, yes, my movies and games are sorted in alphabetical order.


Harley Cat approves.

Reorganized my bookshelf and altogether did some OCDing of my house.

But back to the work grind.

Back to dealing with people I don’t particularly like. Also, having to make up time from being out on Friday, which means I’m going to be putting up with them for a whole extra eight hours this week.





11 thoughts on “The Monday Grind

  1. Don’t know how you are going to get that cat in the DVD and watch it!

    I haven’t seen House of 1000 corpses yet, it’s been in the drawers since it was released but it’s like a lot of movies these days they get put away and not seen because of the kids. Looking at your shelf we’ve got a few the same (I don’t have a cat) although with Star Trek, Harry Potter and Firefly are probably a bit closer aligned to the DVD’s my wife buys.

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    • Lol. Harley’s protecting the good stuff.

      I think most of my movie collection isn’t kid friendly — the shining, 28 days/weeks later, dawn of the dead, event horizon, hannibal lector, etc…

      It’ll be a shame to have to pack it away and watch it in secret late at night when/if I ever reproduce. But then again, my parents let me watch Child’s Play, Freddy Krueger, and It when I was a kid and I totally turned out okay.

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      • Oh so you have a ‘dirty shelf’ šŸ™‚

        I’m not as worried about the kids seeing things as my wife is. I used to watch horror movies with our eldest every day over lunch when she was 12 months old. Swearing I obviously try to keep at a minimum and straight out gore would also be off the list but I watched the re-released version (not the Jack Nicholson version) of The Shinning with my daughter when she was 12 months old.

        These days for me it’s a volume things, the house is too small to watch movies through the stereo at night without waking the kids. My wife is more the “they shouldn’t see those scenes” kind of person.

        I’m fairly immune to blood and gore because like you I watched horror when I was a kid and just like wrestling once you know it’s fake it doesn’t have the same scare factor, but it also doesn’t mean you don’t want to see it.

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        • Exactly! Gore and slasher flicks don’t bother me.

          Demonic/ghosts in movies, does. Only because I’ve seen some spooky stuff — haha, the superstitious agnostic.

          I don’t think I have on shelf with “dirty” stuff per se… remember, I alphabetize my stuff lol.

          But, I think at 12 months old, The Shining may not have the same value as watching it between the ages of 6-10.


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