The “Trust No Bitch” Paradigm


Trust—the act of placing confidence in someone or something else—is a fundamental human experience, necessary for society to function and for any person to be relatively happy. Without it, fear rules. Trust is not an either/or proposition, but a matter of degree, and certain life experiences can impact a person’s ability to trust others.

One could say, I have trust issues.

But you can only get burned and betrayed so many times, before your skin callouses and you become bitter.

But you don’t have to be bitter — you can still have a good life with trust issues.

You just have to be a pessimistic optimist.

What a strange dichotomy.

But it’s a shades of gray (not the horribly written book) thing — you have to look at the good times as what they are — good times.

And cherish them for what they are.

And look at the bad times as bad times, and acknowledge them and understand them, then move on.

One lesson in the bible, that was skipped over when I was in Sunday School and Bible Study was Micah 7:5

Do not trust a neighbor; put no confidence in a friend. Even with the woman who lies in your embrace guard the words of your lips.

I’ve really tried to take this to heart. The rest of the passage states to trust in the Lord, but ya’ll know I’m pretty dang agnostic.

I trust the universe is the universe. Some constants I take comfort in are in science. Water will melt, chemical reactions will happen, gravity will pull my ass back down.

And I have to trust in myself — that I’m making the best decision I can given the resources and information I have.

And I trust my gut — millions of years of evolution can’t be wrong.

As for other people, look at the positives, don’t dwell on the negatives, but remember them… remember the lessons… and move on.




7 thoughts on “The “Trust No Bitch” Paradigm

  1. Wow you talk about the two biggest selling books I have never read (although you only mention the gray one as an aside). 🙂

    I do however question your gut feeling, how is you gut a million years old? Have you really been reincarnated that many times?

    I may not have read those books but I’m pretty sure one suggests evolution didn’t happen and the newer one proves it didn’t!

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