The Dream Disruptor


I had a dream about The Psychological Abuser last night.

I came home, well at least it felt like my home, but it wasn’t MY apartment that I’m living in now or have lived in before and he was just there on my couch.

He didn’t yell at me or berate me.

I went into the kitchen, briefly and met with some of the friends I’d lost in the “divorce”. Told them I loved them.

No one said anything.

I went back into the living room.

I just asked him to leave, and he got up and went.

And when I went back to the kitchen, everyone was gone.

Closure dream?

Hopefully. Getting real tired of dreaming about that person.



5 thoughts on “The Dream Disruptor

  1. You should control your dreams better, tell your dreams what you want to see. Be the master of your dream space….it can work!!!

    Seriously I don’t know if that’s true, but I remember not long back reading one guy who claimed he could read everyone elses dreams but when questioned about them he always gave an answer like he was a politician, full of words but no answers. Turned out he was shit scared of things that went bump in the night and lived his own life as a basic hermit telling everyone else what god’s will was, how god could conquer, how dreams were a powerful look into a person psyche and how spirits fill every room we live in because we invite them there to secretly annoy the ones we love. Sadly it sounds like a fictional character but it wasn’t this guy was for real.

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