The Ambitious Girl


I don’t want to jinx myself.

But it’s just been announced that the position I really wanted within my unit has opened back up officially. I wrote about this in The Employment Grievance. 

And I’m going to sit down and talk with my supervisor about it and explain in great detail why it would be advantageous to give me the position.

And I really hope I get it.

Not just because the pay is better, but because I’ve been shafted for that position twice and I would feel vindicated if I got it.

And not as bitter.

I mean, I really love our program and what we do. We help babies. I don’t really want to leave and I want to show future employers that I have longevity and am not hopping from job to job every six months to a year.

Fingers crossed.


So, I talked with my boss. She agreed that I’d be a good fit for the job and was very impressed that I made a physical, written list of 10 reasons why it would be advantageous to hire me for that position.

But because of HR things, they will have to advertise the position publicly and I would have to compete. Also, because the way the position is funded, they want someone with a specific background. The only problem is the position pays $41k-ish a year, while the median income for someone with the specified background in the state I live in is $85k-ish.

They’re going to have a hard time filling that position with a person of the specified background, and might have to bend the rules.

Fingers and toes crossed!



16 thoughts on “The Ambitious Girl

    • I’d run out of good stories. My life isn’t interesting anymore. I’m just an 8-5’er now. Although, I haven’t broken out the story where my friends and I had to take one of our friends to the ER because they were having some butt bleeding. That’ was a good one. It’s like trying not to bust out laughing while having sympathy and compassion.

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      • Even when the story pool gets low I think you could twist something into a daily funny. Look at today, you started out talking about a job you want and now you are talking about bleeding butts and laughing at those who have them.

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          • Kids laughter is fairly easy to get, as is the “Oh dad you are so silly”.

            Condescending laughter and rolled eyes is what comes from adults. I long ago gave up caring that people reacted like that figuring if a person hasn’t got the balls to say they are offended or upset that is their problem.

            People not liking the silliness doesn’t stop me though 🙂

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          • Agreed.

            People in general suck though. Persons are cool. I can get along great with a person. But people, as in more than three or four persons… no dice.

            But kids laughter is nice. Kids have nice laughs. Genuine laughs. Not condescending asshat laughs that make you want to punch them in the face.

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          • Yeah I’m not a fan of people, even my own family bug the shit out of me if we are all together. My wife doesn’t like the fact that I can’t see eye to eye with all of my family at once yet she moved 4000ks away from hers.

            My girls are getting cheeky with their comments now, they don’t really mean it the way an adult would but they are still cheeky comments in reaction to silly dad jokes.

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          • Don’t feel bad. S.O. dreads the day when our families have to meet. I’m pretty sure our dads will get along okay. But our mothers. I already know his mama hits my guts. And my mama’s just insane… but she puts up a good public face. I get where you are coming from. Although, we have cats, not kids. They don’t laugh. They just beg for head scratches and food.

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          • My mum doesn’t put on the good face, she claims she doesn’t like to offend people but she never thinks before she speaks and my dad is old and grumpy. My brother is just an arrogant shithead and his wife is just annoying. I can put up with them in small doses but putting up with them all together is tiresome.

            I’d much rather put up with my wife’s family but travelling that far hasn’t been possible for a few years. I’m sure they don’t all dislike me (well maybe they didn’t once) but like my family they really don’t make me feel that welcome at times. I guess our families have that in common.

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