The Friday Morning Drive Music Extravaganza

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Well, not that extravagant.

This morning, my phone decided that my Friday drive music was going to be Rammstein.

Funny story — I took two years of German classes in undergrad. I took Spanish in high school and I figured since a large chunk of my family immigrated from Germany after the Civil War, why not.

My German teacher was an interesting lady who would get mad at you if you yawned. I learned more German from Rammstein than my German teacher. We’d form study groups and listen to Rammstein with lyrics and translations.

I had an easy time with grammar and conjugation — where everything went in the sentence, the 16 different versions of the word “the” depending on the gender of the noun and where it was in the sentence.

However, vocabulary was a different story.

Ich vergesse… a lot.

I’ve never been very good at rote memorization.

But swearing in German — Oh my! I was good at that.

“Du bist ein Schlampe!”

And what really sucks is that when I started taking German, all the Spanish I learned was getting tangled up.

And now that I deal with more Spanish speaking people, and I’m learning Spanish from them, my German is going away.

My dreams of being a polyglot are dead.

Also, there is an obscene amount of Queen on my phone.

I haven’t really been getting into a lot of new music. I generally always listen to the classic rock station — ELO, Styx, Ozzy, Aerosmith, Stones, etc…

And what really sucks is that the music I listened to in high school is already being played on the classic rock stations — Nirvana, Chili Peppers, etc…


I’m an old soul, I guess.



11 thoughts on “The Friday Morning Drive Music Extravaganza

    • About the same here. I feel like too much of the music “these days” is over produced and mechanical. Too much autotune. Too many drum machines. Too many singers who call themselves musicians that only sing, and very poorly at that. They play no other musical instruments. The only reason they have any success is due to good management, they’re attractive, and, processing.

      I remember the last Foo Fighters’ album, I think I remember Dave Grohl talking about how they pretty much recorded the songs in their garage and played their heart out and picked the best version for the album.

      That, I can get behind.

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