The Paranoia and Nuclear War


I just need to stay off of /r/worldnews. Seriously.

Now I want to make a bomb shelter.

But, I mean, if it’s my time, it’s my time. I’d rather go out in the blaze — incandescently vaporized — than have to suffer radiation sickness.

But if I do manage to survive sans irradiation, it would be all Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road.”


I don’t know if I want to go through that.

And honestly, I live on the east coast in a not so populated area.

I think I might be okay.

But if the apocalypse is happening, I’m totally shaving my head.

And I’ve got a good bit of fat on me, so I know starvation won’t be a thing for a while.

But the idea of hunkering down in a bomb shelter for an indeterminate amount of time — I could barely stand having roommates, but to be stuck there with people and not being able to leave or avoid them.


Or, it could be all Mad Max.




20 thoughts on “The Paranoia and Nuclear War

  1. Points for calling it by it’s real name!! The movie has been named Mad Max for 40+ years exactly as it should be named. Wasn’t actually the name the movie started production as though, but anyway I digress it’s good to hear an American use the name Mad Max….unless of course you were talking about only the latest movie 😛

    However I’m confused now, is the tepee on the raft or whatever we were living in last week now gone in favour of a bomb shelter?

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    • Nope. Totally talking about the Mel Gibson one. Also, Virginia Hey was in it, and I loved her as Zhaan from Farscape.

      But I digress. I want the floating teepee as a pre-apocalyptic plan, and the bunker as a last resort post apocalyptic plan, the the teepee.

      See, got it all figured out. When the nuke’s start falling, I can go to my bomb shelter and wait it out, and when everything is mostly done being radioactive and people finished eating each other, or the aliens realized we’re completely worthless and go back home, I’m going back to my floating tee pee and just hanging out in the caribbean.

      I figured most everyone there has no real beef with anyone, so they’re not likely to get nuked and all radioactive. Also I know how to clean fish and shuck oysters. And rum. The Caribbean has rum.

      That was a weird, early morning thought exercise.

      But it’s a good idea to have a pre-apocalypse plan, post-apocalypse plan, and a post-post-apocalypse plan.

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        • But see, you have caves. I’m nowhere near mountains. You go too far under ground and there’s water. That’s why you don’t see basements in Florida.

          I think the great thing about a floating tee pee, is that they are easily repairable and made — raft, tarp, cooler, hot plate, solar panels, and one of those things that desalinates water or turns your pee into not so disgustingness.

          Or since everyone will be all corpsy in the post-post-apocalypse, one of those rich folks will leave behind a nice sailboat, or a yacht. Preferably a sail boat because fuel efficiency.

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          • That sounds awesome. Better than the 8-5. I just have to spend $2500 (either by scrimping or robbing a bank), fly to Australia, get said boat, and live the dream.

            Honestly, if I were to expat anywhere, Aus is at the top of my list. I mean, I love the idea of going to Germany because I speak a little bit of German. Well enough to get around — “Wo ist ein Bank”, “Ich habe Kopf Schmerz”, “Ich Brauche das Bier”, etc…My conjugations are a bit rusty. But Europe is a bit dicey right now with all the crazy terrorists driving trucks into crowds and shooting up places.

            The only thing you hear about Aus are kangaroos who’ll punch you in the face and people who don’t vaccinate their kids (we have those here, too). Oh, and the reef that’s dying.

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          • Wow I didn’t realise unvaccinated kids for Aust. was news worthy anywhere but here. It does appear someone washed the reef with too much bleach but honestly don’t believe all the bad press about Kangaroos, they don’t all want to fight, some like the peaceful life and don’t even raise their tempers in public.

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          • I’ve never had an issue with giving kids vaccinations, they are free and neither of our kids have suffered anything more than grumpiness for 24 hours after the needle.

            We have a couple of deadly spiders here and I’ve seen two of them around this house in the 12 years we’ve been here but it’s not like they out number us. We had a tarantula in a fish tank in the house I lived in in Sydney.

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          • Even though I’ve been bitten by a recluse (don’t recommend ever), I still don’t “mind” spiders because spiders eat bugs, especially mosquitoes. I despise mosquitoes. Also there’s this Zika thing going on here.

            But, this begs the question — why have a pet tarantula? Can you scratch it’s head? Snuggle with it? Does it try to bite you or does it just kind of chill there?

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          • Thankfully we don’t have a huge issues with Zika which is lucky considering 50+ years ago the experts imported mozzies to this country to kill the rabbits with mixo. Was a good idea until the mozzies worked out they didn’t have to bite just the rabbits, now both are at plague proportions.

            I don’t know why we had a pet spider, it was a shared house and the woman I was with had a wayward daughter that girl’s b/f moved in and brought a lot of shit we didn’t want. The spider wasn’t cheap to buy but it lasted less time than he did.

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  2. I vote for Mad Max! Lol. You have my vote for the haircut thing too though only cause I see how crazy everyday is for women and hair. I have no hair and it saves me lots of time. Lol. You can always build your own bomb shelter, but have people that are fun in there with you like me for instance 😜

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    • Well then, I will definitely have to invite you to my nuclear holocaust shelter! And then after that evidently my other commenters want me to have my floating raft teepee filled to the brim with coldbeer for the post-post-apocalypse. Get to float around in the Caribbean on a raft drinking beer and fishing. Maybe solar panels for a hot plate lol.

      I’ve put wayyyy too much though effort into this today. You can tell how fun my work day was.

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