The Roof Over My Head


So, my apartment’s being reroofed. And it’s awesome. Most folks would look at it as an inconvenience, but because my dad has been a roofer since before I was born, he’s always expressed how important it is to have a good roof.

I was told they were going to be doing this roofing thing between the hours of 8am and 8pm.

I got home yesterday to find a dumpster in my yard and my driveway cordoned off. Only mine on my little road.

So I had to park a ways away.

I already needed to go talk to the property manager about renewing my lease, so I mosied over there and he was mortified that they put the dumpster in my hard.

“I gave them a list of vacant units they could place the dumpster.”

And we got to chatting.

Although my rent’s going to go up like $39 because I’m not a new tenant, I think it is worth it for the new roof alone. Plus I kind of like it here. With the renewal of my lease, this will make the longest place I’ve lived in once place since I was 18.


Also, I told him the story about my experience with my crazy neighbor.

Months ago S.O. parked his truck like a foot on her side of the driveway because I was parked all janky. She came home and we thought she was swearing up a storm talking to someone on the phone. Nope.

She beat on my door and demanded he moved his truck and was pretty nasty about the whole thing.

I told my property manager about it and his comment, “Yeah, she’s insane, but she’s also been here for forever.” And proceeded to tell me this story about how she hounded him about her water meter being wrong and even though the property manager promised to reimburse her the difference if she presented the last three bills, she never did. Then called corporate on her saying my property manager was being an ass.

She has a rep for craziness, yo.

I made it back home to find Harley just chilling on the coffee table in her usual spot with Vesper nowhere to be found. I called out to her a few times and figured she was hiding. I mean, they were pretty violently banging on my roof and making lots of noise. I sat on the couch and was thumbing through my phone when I heard scratching below me.

The damn cat was under the couch and terrified.

I gave her some snuggles, but she was still freaking out.

And Harley was still just like, whatever.

They stayed until it got dark (past 8 pm).

And woke me up this morning at 6:30 am. I usually get up at 7am anyways… but that extra half hour of sleep that could have been.

Haven’t been sleeping that great anyway and Tuesday ran me ragged today.

I’ve reached that weird exhausted delirium where I’m having hypothetical conversations in my head.

But the reroofing is the perfect opportunity to camp out at Starbucks or Panera and get some interneting/writing done without persistent banging above my head.

Lies. Going home and to bed.



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