The Criticisms of Religions


Well, this is controversial post week!

I’ve gone into long diatribes why I don’t have religion — I’m very agnostic though — I’ve seen some crazy stuff science can’t explain or that is out of our understanding.

But this is something that I find so completely comically bothersome.

If someone says one bad thing about Islam, folks come pouring in talking about all the bad things in the Christian bible.

And I’m just kind of over here, like… “well, that’s nice that you went through all that trouble, but I’m not a Christian so your argument is null”.

I mean, it’s typical straw man meant to distract someone from the original argument at hand.

And this isn’t saying there aren’t bad things in Christianity, like their are bad things in Islam, like in other religions. Religion makes people do crazy things in the name of their God.

But if you are going to criticize one religion, using the bad deeds from another religion as a rebuttal does not a good argument make.

This post is kind of inspired by /r/news comments on a story about an 11 year old Malaysian school boy being beaten to death at an Islamic school. 

And there are several different heated topics here at hand. First, well Islam. Second, whether or not corporal punishment for children should be a thing. I mean, beating a child, who is not your own (was done by a school official) is bad. Like really bad. I mean, its one thing for the actual PARENT to discipline a child by spanking, but it is a completely different story for a person who is NOT THE PARENT to enact corporal punishment.

And I’m not defending corporal punishment. My parents spanked me, and I think I turned out okay, but I don’t want to do that to my children. It seems antiquated and cruel.

And there are a plethora of other ways to discipline children not involving hitting…

But I’ve deviated from my original point… now I know all Muslims are not these horrible violent terrorists. I have friends and people I respect immensely who are Muslim and they aren’t terrorists or bad people. They’re just folks, like you and me. And I don’t care what religion you are, your race, creed, color — good people are good people and bad people are bad people. It’s your morals and deeds that define you, not your societal identifiers and labels.

But it’s the fact that when someone criticizes Islam, everyone loses their mind. People are relegated to the label of Islamaphobe or racist. And it’s not the case. Now people are afraid to criticize anything for fear of being labeled or being attacked.

Everyone should question and critique everything. Be a skeptic. Be doubtful. Always strive to learn and grow and challenge the norm.

I mean, the whole reason I abdicated religion is because I questioned it and I did a great deal of introspection and moved away from it. And I’ve faced ridicule, from my family especially. When my cousin took her life, my family said it was demons  who told her to do it and some people feared she’d end up in hell for taking her life. And I just wanted to grab them and shake them and tell them she was in legitimate physical and emotional pain from having a debilitating chronic disease and didn’t want to hurt anymore.

What is so wrong with that?

My argument was that if God didn’t understand, then he wasn’t God and we needn’t worry.




25 thoughts on “The Criticisms of Religions

  1. This is a good post with legitimate points. This may surprise you, but I am a Christian and I totally agree that religion is not a good thing–whether one is Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or what have you. Religion itself is a trap and a dead end.

    What is important is authenticity. Religion is a man made system with man made flaws. Relationship (or authenticity) with God is the path that I believe that God set out for us. I think God is ok with questions, doubts, pursuit of Truth so long as we are sincerely seeking Truth. Authentic Truth can never contradict itself (as religion does all the time). God says that those who truly seek will find Him. I don’t believe that journey is the same for everyone.

    As for your cousin, I completely understand all of the controversies and attitudes around her suicide. My own daughter died by suicide 7 years ago. I’ve heard it all–much like what you described. I don’t believe people end up in hell because they committed suicide. I know of no Biblical support of that theory. Do I think suicide is wrong? Yes. Do I think it’s the unpardonable sin? No. Only God can know the heart of the person. No one knows the person’s last thoughts, etc. Some commit suicide due to mental health problems (as in the case of my daughter) or physical health problems (like your cousin). Some may even be influenced by demons–but that doesn’t mean everyone is. We are not the judge of the living and the dead.

    It just sounds to me like you are searching for Truth. I encourage you to keep searching and if you ever do want to talk about things…I’ll be here (or someone will be).

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    • Thank you for your reply. I very much agree. I think what bothered me with my search was the dogma. It was more… judging other people than your actual relationship with God. And in that respect, I do feel like I have a relationship with God, the creator or whomever. But the rhetoric always got me. It’s not hard to be a good person — don’t rape, don’t steal, don’t murder, don’t cheat, etc… But when you throw in some hard core cherry picking and using your religious doctrine to discriminate and bully is just mind boggling to me.

      I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. Suicide, especially of a family member or someone you’re close with commits suicide, it’s just devastating. You question what you could have done differently, if you loved them enough, if you were kind enough or too hard, or supportive or if everyone else was kind enough or bullied them. I know, with Brooke, she had lupus. She was diagnosed at 11, and took her own life at 21. In those 10 years, she went through three rounds of chemo and two knee replacement surgeries. And her sisters and mother, not being understanding that she was in REAL, ACTUAL pain all the time, would demonize her over taking too many pain pills. And it got to her. Bad. The night she did it, her and her mother got in a fight about her using pain pills and calling her an addict. But, she just wanted to not hurt anymore.

      But I’m getting into old, hard memories….

      But again, thank you for sharing. Hugs from afar!

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      • I am also sorry for the loss of your cousin, Brooke. I meant to say that before, but failed to write it.

        You are right that an authentic relationship is not about religious doctrine and/or bullying. If we just love on people-the way Jesus did-there is no room for religiosity or bullying. BTW the religious people were Jesus’s worst critics so not much has changed in that respect!

        A suicide is never easy, but I can’t imagine just having had a fight with the person before it happened. Sadly her Mom will have to live with that.

        I understand about the old, hard memories. I didn’t mean to dredge anything up, but at the same time it’s important to talk things out when you need to. I wrote a post about Suicide that may be helpful to you if you would like to read it.

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        • Thanks for the reply. I understand where you are coming from completely.

          No worries about dredging up old memories. Brooke has been a constant thing in my mind since it happened almost three years ago. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her. And talking about her helps. I mean, I’ve never really had any “unexpected” death events until her. I mean, I had grandparents pass, and that was completely expected, but just out of the blue. When my brother told me what happened I actually hung up the phone on him!

          But I appreciate your comments so much. Again, thank you 🙂

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  2. True. Religion is a very veeery touchy issue here as well. It’s the one thing we can’t critique and not drag other peoples’ emotional involvement into it. I’m agnostic as well, but my family refuses to acknowledge it and keeps dragging me to religious functions. I often remain quiet while the elders discuss religion, because here you either follow religion or you’re a spawn of Satan -_-

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    • That sounds all too familiar lol. I mean, my family doesn’t do the church thing anymore, but they still pray before family meals. I just kind of politely bow my head. At my cousin’s funeral, though, which was religious based — the preacher/speaker/whatever went on a religious diatribe about “well if she was here today, she would have regretted it… blah blah”.

      At that point, I was just like, to hell with being polite. And suffice to say, I wasn’t the only one there NOT politely bowing my head.

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  3. For all the how many millions of people that are into alternate religions I really don’t know any who make a big deal of it like Christians do. Maybe my circle of people is smaller than most and I’m not saying there is only one religion amongst those people but the only one I ever hear about is Christianity. We’ve got one friend who thinks god saved her from a life less ordinary, (she was sleeping with a married man and she dabbled in a bit of weed….oh the horror of it all) and good luck to her if that’s what stopped her but while her faith keeps coming up in conversation she doesn’t preach. But there are so many others who do go on an on about it. Tell them you heard a bump in the night and it’s god sending a friggen ghost to protect you. Tell them you don’t have a specific faith and all you get is a lecture about how good god is. Question something that’s not so good in the bible and they make excuses for it. Then they offer to help convert you when you just shut up and say nothing because they think it’s a sign from above that you need saving. I have never had a person of any other faith do that shit to me.

    I long ago gave up religion, much to my mum’s horror, and for years as a rebellious teenager I actually thought I might become a satanist! DAMN EVIL HEAVY METAL!!!! I even read the Lost Books Of The Bible because it was “what really happened that the Christian’s didn’t want people to know.” To be honest it was a bit of an eye opener and it was fun but it didn’t take long to realise that’s exactly what it was FUN, because none of those books can be taken seriously and they all should start with the words “This book is fictitious. Any resemblance to person real or imagined is totally coincidental.”

    I don’t like the way religions start wars, they are as bad as politicians, but I do laugh at religion these days. I honestly don’t care what a person puts their faith in, put it in a soggy sponge you use to do the dishes for all I care. Just don’t tell me about it unless I ask and don’t get shitty when someone doesn’t like it and know when the fuck to shut up about it.

    Now lets see what religion your phone is by seeing if it lets you respond, or how it responds. At least if we know it’s faith we will know what sort of exorcist it needs.

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    • I agree. I just care that you try to be a good, decent person and not mistreat people thinking your sky-god is going to forgive you.

      Honestly, I feel atheists and agnostics have the most solid moral code of anyone I’ve met. And even people with religion, not those who evangelize or make it part of their central identity, can be good people to, To me, faith has always been something personal — between my God and me. Something sacrosanct and not to be gloated about or used as a cudgel.


      • I’m just thankful we don’t have those real religious nuts on our tv like America seems to have. I’m sure you can avoid them if you try hard enough but surely movies like Fletch Lives are not that far from the truth 🙂

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        • I think that’s one of those things that’s wayyyyyy over publicized. I’ve only met maybe one or two truly nutty religious people — when I was in undergrad they would come to our college and stand out in the quad preaching and calling girls harlots for wearing shorts, tee shirts. I mean, because free speech, the admin had to allow them.

          As for the Westboro people, they’re relatively harmless. I mean, people use them as the “whatabout…” arguments when talking about religious extremism, but forget they’ve never actually caused physical damage to anyone.

          I mean, we do have our fair share of crazy people — like all those shootings. But I think that’s more of a lapse in the mental health system, than anything. Most of the people who have orchestrated and undertaken these events were crazy. I remember in one of my criminal psych classes, we were talking about how Charles Whitman, who was the UT clocktower shooter had a brain tumor the size of a pecan — which depending on where it is in the brain, plus stressors and environmental factors leads to craziness.

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          • So in Australia every pet kills you, while in America religious tv evangelists take over tv stations?

            I wouldn’t say that “send us your money and we’ll heal the sick” shows are all we see of America here but in the 80’s and 90’s there was a lot of shows that made reference to Americans having 24 hour religious tv stations where all they did was ask for money kind of like Fletch attacked in Fletch Lives.

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          • That is something I have really dropped the ball on. I watched the first few seasons religiously but then life and marriage took over (and working shitty night shift). It’s kind of weird we stopped watching it because my wife was a bigger fan than I was but I think we spent more time watching cartoons like American Dad and Family Guy instead of SP. Still the kids love playing with Kenny when they are throwing all the stuffed toys around.

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          • LOL. The other weekend, S.O and I binged on the first three seasons of SP. It was glorious. But my favorite season is Season 8 where they did “Trapped in the Closet” and “Douche and Turd”. Before every election, I always rewatch “Douche and Turd.” For perspective…

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          • I really should do the same thing one day. The kids aren’t quite old enough to watch it yet so it will have to be a late night thing.

            The kids love Stewie from Family guy. They are young enough not to understand the jokes but laugh at the things he does. I’ve got two Stewie figurines out in the office that say a Stewie phrase at the push of a button. The kids love them.

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          • I’m sure we wont run out of things for the kids to watch but we already let them watch more than the ‘experts’ suggest they should. They love the Simpsons and Futurama they don’t get half the jokes but they still like them. The Simpsons movie gets played at least once a month here.

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          • Futurama has to be, hands down, my favorite “adult cartoon”. When I was all fancy and had internet at my place with my Netflix, I literally would put it on as background noise and made about 4 cycles through the whole series and the four films.

            Which is probably why I make too many Futurama references.

            “SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS!”

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          • We’ve never had netflix and I don’t think our free to air station has played all of Futurama but we’ve given it a fair hiding over the years because for years it was on at 7:30pm so it was early enough for the kids to watch.

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  4. And I don’t care what religion you are, your race, creed, color — good people are good people and bad people are bad people. It’s your morals and deeds that define you, not your societal identifiers and labels.

    once again, you speak exactly what’s in my mind too….

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